Yes!  If you have Rockwell Windows or ROW Windows, replacing the sash is a far better value than repairing it.

Here’s what you’ll get with our sash and service…
You get all new Poplar Wood with a Lifetime no decay warranty to the original owner.
New LoE366/Argon glass with a 20-year seal warranty.
New hinges top and bottom.
New weather strip on the sash.
New cladding on the sash.
New handle sets with handles that fold and nest into the cover with every new sash.
A beautifully pre-finished interior. Stained or painted.
Written Labor and Product Warranty.

When you repair your sash rather than replace it, you are stuck with the old insulated glass with no LoE coating or Argon.  This glass will fail soon enough.  Now, you’ll have to pay several hundred dollars just to replace the glass in a sash you just paid several hundred to “Repair the wood”.  If you replace the sash rather than repairing it, you get a brand-new Insulated Glass unit by Cardinal IG with a 20-year seal warranty and LoE/Argon standard!  If you repair rather than replace your sash, you are also stuck with your old hinges which don’t work, faded clad, distorted weather strip, old outdated crank handles and you have to now paint or stain the repaired wood yourself or hire someone to do it.

Repairing the sash will put you right back in the same situation in no time.  Repairing the sash is a lateral move and solves nothing but the current wood decay issue.  It does not solve the problem which caused the decay in the first place.  It’s like placing a tint Band-aid® on a dagger wound.  Decay is eminent because of the sash design.  Rockwell used a rubber boot glaze system.  That boot glaze system is the reason Rockwell sashes fail, not so much the wood species.  The boot glaze system was designed for Aluminium windows, not wooden windows. Some genius in manufacturing thought it would be a great idea to use this boot glaze system in a wooden window so they could get the product on the delivery truck that same day.  Using a silicone glaze means the sash must sit for three days to properly cure, when using the correct RTV sealants.  RTV is a room temperature vulcanization process and it takes time, but it is a superior method of glazing the glass into the sash.  Rockwell apparently did not care about quality.  They were all about quantity. 

The wood species is a big part of a good foundation to a quality-built sash.  However, keeping the water out of the glass pocket is essential!  We use a silicone glaze system in place of the rubber boot system in our Rockwell casement sashes.  We go one step further in our hung sashes and use a three-step glazing process which includes silicone and tape glaze.  Silicone glaze systems keeps the water out of the sash in the first place.  Pair this system with our pre-finishing services which will paint or stain the interior of your sash and you will get a Lifetime No Decay Warranty. This applies only to our custom-built Rockwell sashes whether it’s a Rockwell Casement Sash or Rockwell Hung sash.  ROW Hung Sashes are also covered for life. ROW casement sashes however will have our standard 5-Year no decay warranty with our pre-finishing services.  The reason for this is we did not redesign the row casement sash like we did the Rockwell Casement and Hung Sash as well as the ROW Hung Sash.  Those three models all have a lifetime no decay warranty.