Easy Christmas Window Decorations

Are you looking for a few ideas of easy Christmas Window Decorations that you can create at the last minute? Perhaps your kids are arriving home from college and you haven’t had time to decorate yet. Or maybe they have had a last-minute change in plans just like in the Tim Allen movie, “Christmas with the Kranks” and they decided to come home for Christmas after all. Check out the movie! Read more

Black Window Trim

Black window trim can provide a unique, contemporary look for your home or office. The appearance can be particularly stunning when black window trim is incorporated into a modern décor. In many cases the use of black or another dark color can eliminate the need for costly window treatments. The trim itself, with its high contrast, becomes the focal point of the windows. This is an added benefit in a small room where heavy curtains can overpower the space. Eliminating the curtains can also be an advantage in darker spaces, where the additional light is much welcomed. Read more

Window Light Box

Adding a window light box to a dark room in your home may the perfect solution to illuminate the poorly lit space. Basements, particularly in northern homes can be dark and dingy due to the tiny windows just above ground level. The same can be true for attics that have been converted into a living spaces or toy room for the kids. Sometimes it is all but impossible to add a real window due to structural constraints. If there are few or no windows in the space, installing a window light box can provide the feeling of natural light entering the room. Read more

Installing accordion windows, or in the case of the above photo, accordion doors, can open up a room to the outdoors. If you enjoy nature and an abundance of fresh air, accordion windows will bring the outdoors inside your home. You will enjoy a breathtaking view whether the windows are open or closed. In the closed position, accordion doors are like a wall of glass. Open them up and let the fresh air flow inside. Read more

decorative window film

Are you searching for an easy way to spruce up an old window? Applying decorative window film may be the best solution. With so many options to choose from, applying decorative window film is a fast, easy, low-cost way to change the look of any room in your home. As an added benefit, certain films may even improve the energy efficiency of your existing windows. Here are some popular film choices and design ideas for your home: Read more

Installing Cabinet Glass in the solid doors of your old kitchen cabinets can revive an old kitchen. If your budget is such that new kitchen cupboards are out of the question; installing cabinet glass is an inexpensive alternative that will completely change the look of your existing kitchen. Read more

Garden Window

Create a mini greenhouse in your kitchen by installing a garden window over your sink. If your kitchen faces the sun, a garden window as a great place to grow plants and herbs. Your new miniature greenhouse will allow more natural light to enter the kitchen and make it feel larger. Upon completion your new garden will be at your fingertips. Read more

window trends 2016

When we look at window trends for 2016 we realize that every window of your home offers a new opportunity for creativity. Moving from room to room within your home you can create a unique look depending on how you plan to utilize the space. Read more

Glass Door

Thinking about upgrading your windows and doors and wondering about the exterior color options? Your front door and window trim color can say a lot about your personality, but more importantly the colors need to match the style of your home. We have compiled a few images of brick homes and their entryways to help you with the front door and window trim color selection process:

Red Front Door

Red is a very bold color and is not for everyone. A brilliant red front door tells the world that you have a zest for life and that guests are welcome to come in to be entertained. Red can look outstanding in the right circumstances such as this grey brick home. Read more

Christmas Decorations

Just 5 days until Christmas 2015. Have you put up all of your decorations? If not don’t despair, here are some last minute Christmas Window Decoration Ideas.

Window Wreaths

Hanging Christmas Wreaths is one of the easiest and quickest ways to transform your home for Christmas. Hang a wreath from a red ribbon in front of every window on the front of your house. If you live on a corner lot, don’t forget the street view side of your home. If you are afraid of heights or simply don’t own a ladder. Hang the second story wreaths on the interior of your home in front of the windows. When the bedroom lights are on you can see the silhouette of the Christmas Wreaths from the street. Read more