Here at WRG we have a choice when selecting materials.  Everything from the wood we use to fabricate your sash, to the Cardinal Insulated Glass down to the  fasteners required for assembly of the sash are all up to us.  We could use Pine when building your sash, it’s less expensive than Polar.  We choose Poplar because we’ve found it to better than Pine in this application, it’s as simple as that.  We use Polar for the same reason we use Stainless Steel Finish Nails, Exterior Coated Deck Screws, RTV Silicone, Heavy Gauge Baked on Painted Aluminum Clad, Superior Hinged Weather Strip, Powder Coated Hinges, Cardinal Insulated Glass etc. etc. We use these materials because they are the best of what’s available to fabricate a superior product while keeping it affordable for the homeowner.  Not because they are the cheapest of what’s out there.

For us, longevity is everything.  We don’t want your sash to fail.  These fasteners and materials are all more expensive than their counterparts such as zinc plated finish nails which will rust in short order, non-coated construction screws which also rust in a few years, acid cure caulk etc. etc. All of which are bad, bad and bad!  These are the very same materials and fasteners other repair companies are using to “rebuild” you sash.  Your sash is destined for failure once again!  You get what you pay for when it comes to windows and their components and the people backing their work.

There are no Mass-Produced sashes here at we make every sash one at a time in our climate-controlled facility located in Diamond IL.  We do not make these sashes using low grade 2×4’s or cedar fence posts from Menard’s.  We do not make your sashes in your garage or on your driveway or in a cargo trailer using a table saw and router where there is no quality control or consistency.  One cannot be serious about attention to detail when one is working on someone’s driveway in the elements while on the phone with people stopping by to chat.  We pay attention to the smallest detail knowing this sash plays an extremely important role by plugging a huge hole in your house!

The main profile of our wood is milled by a company using industrial, ultra-low tolerance CNC equipment.  We do all the rest in house.  We use digital read out electronic stop-controlled equipment which guarantees a consistent cut every time.  Our profile specific exclusive aluminium clad is cut to zero tolerance dimensions and is then hand trimmed to perfection allowing us to make precise bends and overlaps where watershed in the corners is paramount.  We offer six exterior colors to choose from.