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Row Rotted Sash Repair & Replacement


           BeforeRotted Sill Before


            AfterRotted Sill After


                                         See the step by step restoration process for the ROW Picture Window Rail project. 



           BeforeRotted Sill Before


            AfterRotted Sill After


                                  See the step by step process for the Weather Shield Casement Window restoration project 



Rockwell Radius Window Restoration


          BeforeRotted Window Frame Before


            AfterRotted Window Frame After


                                          See the step by step process for the Rockwell Arched Window Restoration Project 


When repair is not an option because the decay is just too advanced, we offer casement and double hung full sash replacements. All sizes, colors and grid patterns as well as Low E glass. With exact match O.E.M sash rail profile you’ll get a very close match to your existing sashes inside and out.

      Casement – Double Hung & Single Hung Windows

Some of the most common parts to fail in Casement (crank out) Windows are window operators also known as window regulators. Some of the most common parts to fail in Double Hung or Single Hung Windows are brake shoes, locks, tilt latches and balance systems. All of which greatly affect the performance of your window.

If any of these components fail, your window will not operate correctly. Double Hung window sashes may hang unevenly causing the weatherstrip to not seal properly. Casement window sashes can sag and rub against the sill of the window frame making it almost impossible to open or close while damaging your limestone sill and your window sash in the process.

Double or Single hung Vinyl Window Weatherstripping for the bottom rail of the bottom sash. This weatherstrip is known to dry rot and fall apart leaving your window sash susceptible to air infiltration. This weatherstrip can be replaced with a new and improved material which will last for many years to come, saving you a bunch of money in the long run and keeping you comfortable in the mean time.

Window Parts

                               Sliding Patio Doors

Patio Door Latches         Patio Door Handles & Locks
Patio Door Rollers       Patio Door Rollers
Sliding patios doors are a different story. Most sliding patio doors tend to be too heavy for the rollers and eventually the bearings inside the rollers fail. Operating your door will be very difficult and sometimes impossible. This can be dangerous if an emergency occurs and immediate egress is required. Other problems occur when you have a patio door with defective rollers, most often the handle takes a beating. Eventually the handle falls apart. All of these parts can be replaced making your door work like new again. Imagine if your door could be opened with one hand or even one finger. Wouldn’t that be sweet!
Sometimes however, it’s not a defective roller that’s causing the trouble. When a header sags it places additional pressure on the frame of the door. This causes the venting panel to bind against the frame. Maybe the door moves freely for a couple feet and then gets harder and harder to move. This is a sure sign of the dreaded header sag. Depending on the door, this too can be resolved.

We have incredibly reliable resources to help us locate some of the most difficult to find window components and weatherstripping as well as obsolete proprietary window & door parts such as vintage Pella Windows, Marvin windows, Andersen Windows and more. We have many other reliable vendors we trust in the building industry.


                Window Parts & Services Offered

  • Window Replacement Hardware
  • Awning Hardware
  • Balances – Channel/Block & Tackle
  • Balances – Constant Force
  • Balances – Tube/Spiral
  • Builders Hardware
  • Custom Manufacturing
  • Custom Window & Patio Door Screens
  • Casement Locking Handles
  • Casement Operators/Track
  • Crank Handles
  • Door Replacement Hardware
  • Entrance Door Handle Sets
  • Glazing Bead
  • Glazing Spline
  • Hydraulic Closers
  • Jamb liners (Vinyl)
  • Keepers/Sweep Latches
  • Multi-Point Locking Systems
  • Patio Door Screens, Handles, Hardware
  • Patio Glass Door Roller Assemblies
  • Pivot Lock Shoes, Pivot Bars, Tilt Latches,Pivot Pins
  • Replacement Patio Door Track
  • Sash Guides
  • Sash Locks
  • Screen Cloth
  • Screen Door Roller Assemblies
  • Screen Wire and Screen Cloth
  • Storm Door Closers
  • Storm Door Handles, Latches
  • Sliding Window Rollers, Guides, Replacement Track
  • TRUTH Hardware
  • Window Screens