About Us

One Source Renovation LLC is a family owned and operated business.  We started out of our garage in Coal City in 2009.  It wasn’t long before we outgrew the garage, that’s when we moved into a very small shop next to the railroad tracks south of town.  After about a year, we realized we were doing something good for the community.  We out grew that small shop and are now located in Diamond.  Our new facility accommodates all of our sash fabrication and pre-finishing.  The climate controlled environment is essential.  Being able to maintain a constant temperature and humidity is beneficial to the wood we use and helps keep everyone in a good mood!

Here at OSR we are very serious about what we do and how we do it.  We will always…
  • Treat every client with kindness and respect.
  • Arrive on time, with a smile.
  • Perform the tasks at hand with the highest levels of craftsmanship and pride.
  • Have proper attire (commensurate with the weather).
  • Treat each client’s property with care.
  • Leave a work site as well kept as we first found it, or better.
  • Guarantee the satisfaction of every client.

You can also read about our company policies.

Repairing Windows vs. Full Window Replacement

In many cases, a window may only need replacement glass or a new sash. We are experienced craftsmen who specialize in fabricating replacement sashes for ROW Windows and Rockwell Windows (also known as Barber & Ross). Often, we find a window or door can be saved with new glass, replacement parts, and some TLC.

Sash replacement is far less intrusive than full window replacement and far less costly. There is no need to replace interior trim or install unsightly aluminum capping around the exterior of the original window frame

In some cases, when the main frame of a window has decayed beyond the point of repair, we would be happy to refer to you one of several quality companies we know and trust.

Working on Window Repair

cardinal glass logo Cardinal Insulating Glass

WindowRepairGuy.com is an authorized dealer of Cardinal IG® insulated glass. Cardinal IG® boasts the only 20-Year Seal Warranty in the industry, but we find they continue performing well beyond that. They have the most efficient low-emissivity product available in the country.

Cardinal IG’s LoĒ³-366 coating sets the highest standard in solar heat gain control, and we find other manufacturers are still trying to catch up. This is the same glass company used by Andersen, Pella, Marvin, and others in their premium windows.

Learn more about the benefits of Cardinal IG® insulated glass by visiting their website.