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We are your Exclusive Fabricator of sashes to fit Rockwell Casement Windows and Rockwell Hung Windows.   We’ve been fabricating and supplying sashes to homeowners and contractors for many years.

It’s not uncommon for window manufacturers to go out of business, leaving hundreds of thousands of bad windows in their wake.  That’s why we offer Rockwell Sash Replacement.  It’s a great alternative to full window replacement saving you thousands of dollars.  The reason Rockwell Windows are an excellent candidate for sash replacement is the main frame of the window, (the part in your wall) is solid extruded aluminium and will never decay.  Once you replace the sash, you’re back to new window status, almost.  We upgrade three especially important components when building your sashes.  First, we use solid full-length Poplar or Radiata Pine Wood rather than engineered, finger jointed Ponderosa Pine which is what Rockwell used.  Poplar is a hardwood and when properly finished has proven to be quite reliable in this application.  Radiate Pine is highly affective in thwarting wood decay with it’s high sap content.  Ponderosa Pine is soft and porous and has proven to fail in short order.  Second, we use a combination of Closed Cell Glazing Tape and RTV Silicone when glazing the glass into the sash.  Rockwell used a “rubber boot glaze” which allowed water to penetrate through the corners rotting the sash from the inside out.  Third and most important…  We use Cardinal IG® (insulated glass) because they build the best insulted glass unit in the country hands down.  They have over seventy years of experience and data to prove it.   This is the same glass company used by Andersen, Pella, Marvin, and others in their Premium Windows.  Cardinal IG® has a Twenty (20) Year Manufacturer’s Seal Failure Product Warranty. OSR is an authorized dealer of Cardinal Insulated Glass.  You can view the Cardinal Glass Industries Warranty as well as their LoĒ³-366 coating which come standard with our replacement sashes.  OSR warranties and policies can be found here.  All warranties are transferable.

Rockwell Window Sashes

Rockwell Windows was a private company based in Knox, Indiana. They became a wholly owned subsidiary of Barber & Ross, which filed for bankruptcy in 2007. Rockwell then became part of The Federal Group.

There is currently no warranty support for Rockwell windows, as the company is out of business.

We are not affiliated with Rockwell or Barber & Ross. We only offer custom replacement sashes to fit your Rockwell Windows.

What do we do different from OEM Rockwell Sashes?  Our sashes… 

  • Are fabricated by hand, one at a time by Coty and Steve in our climate-controlled facility in Diamond, IL. U.S.A.
  • Are assembled using only Cardinal Insulated Glass with LoE366
  • Are fabricated using quality poplar wood sourced here in the U.S.A.!
  • Include weather resistant fasteners.
  • Include new hinged weather strip.
  • Use a Tape and Silicone Glaze System when glazing the glass into the sash, providing long-term adhesion of the glass to the sash. 
  • We dip the bottom rail of each sash in a non-toxic wood treatment to prevent premature wood decay.

We offer an upgrade to your outdated crank handle and cover set. This upgraded model has a handle that folds down and nests into the plastic cover, placing it out of the way of blinds or shutters.

These sets complement the new, contemporary design of your window and are included FREE with the purchase and installation of ten or more sashes. 

Every new sash comes with Cardinal Insulated Glass with LoE366. This is the highest-quality, most reliable insulated glass available.  We trust it for all our work.  It includes a 20-year Manufacturer’s Seal Failure Product Warranty.

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