ROW Sash Replacement

If your home has ROW windows and are in need of sash replacement or repair, our company has years of experience in providing custom fabricated sashes to fit your ROW Window main frames.

Don’t let rotting wood or broken glass compromise your home’s value, energy efficiency, appearance, or security. A custom sash replacement can make your windows look and operate like new without the need for a full window replacement, saving you tens of thousands of dollars.

ROW Window Sashes

ROW Window Company (Royal Oak Windows) is no longer in business.  OSR remain committed to providing services for their customers.

ROW was founded in 1948 and long had a home in Rockdale, IL. They held on to a long tradition of manufacturing wood windows but gradually introduced vinyl models in the 1990s. ROW eventually closed their doors in early 2010, and no new ROW windows are being manufactured.

Many ROW windows in the area have retained their overall high build quality, and often only need sash replacement. This is where we put our skills to work.

What do we do different from OEM ROW Sashes?  Our sashes…


  • Are fabricated by hand, one at a time by Coty and Steve in our climate-controlled facility in Diamond, IL. U.S.A.
  • Are assembled using only Cardinal Insulated Glass with LoE366
  • Are fabricated using quality poplar wood sourced here in the U.S.A.!
  • Include weather resistant fasteners.
  • Include new hinged weather strip.
  • Use a Tape and Silicone Glaze System when glazing the glass into the sash, providing long-term adhesion of the glass to the sash. 
  • We dip the bottom rail of each sash in a non-toxic wood treatment to prevent premature wood decay.

We offer an upgrade to your outdated crank handle and cover set. This upgraded model has a handle that folds down and nests into the plastic cover, placing it out of the way of blinds or shutters.

These sets complement the new, contemporary design of your window and are included FREE with the purchase and installation of ten or more sashes. 

Every new sash comes with Cardinal Insulated Glass with LoE366. This is the highest-quality, most reliable insulated glass available.  We trust it for all our work.  It includes a 20-year Manufacturer’s Seal Failure Product Warranty.

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