Window Sash Replacement

If your windows are rotting away or costing you an arm and a leg due to poor energy efficiency, it does not necessarily mean you have to replace the window unit as a whole. Only the sash might need to be addressed instead, which will save you money while improving your window’s overall energy efficiency for your home.

Simply “repairing” a rotting sash is often like putting a band-aid on a dagger wound.  Replacening the sash with new will provide the best results for your money.

We provide high-quality sash replacement for homeowners throughout the area, and will be happy to help you as well. Just contact us to get started!

Why Sash Replacement?

A window is often failing because the sash is damaged, rotting, or warped—but the frame itself is still strong and sturdy. When a window’s problems can be addressed without having to perform a full window replacement, it saves a great deal of money and trouble in the long run.

When we fabricate your replacement sash, we use high-quality Cardinal Insulated Glass. We optimize your windows’ performance and energy efficiency, and you have a 20-year Seal Warranty as well.

What if I Have an Old Frame from ROW or Rockwell?

You’re not alone. ROW was a big name in the Joliet area, and many of the region’s windows come from that manufacturer. Neither company is around anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t receive sashes that perfectly fit your ROW or Rockwell main frames and by the way, are superior to the original sashes.

We saw the need for sashes to accommodate these discontinued brands in our region and responded by crafting our own custom sashes. While other companies may only repair sashes, we can breathe new life into your windows.

Our sashes:

  • Are not mass-produced. Each is hand made right here by us.
  • Are crafted in our climate-controlled facility in Diamond, IL.
  • Are made from high quality, full-length solid poplar wood.
  • Use exterior grade, coated fasteners, and superior hinged weatherstrip.
  • When glazing the glass into the sash, we use RTV Silicone for a superior seal.

Every new sash comes with Cardinal Insulated Glass with LoE366, standard in all our sashes.

Installing New Window Sash

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