Accordion Windows | Bringing the Outdoors Inside

February 11, 2018

Installing accordion windows, or in the case of the above photo, accordion doors, can open up a room to the outdoors. If you enjoy nature and an abundance of fresh air, accordion windows will bring the outdoors inside your home. You will enjoy a breathtaking view whether the windows are open or closed. In the closed position, accordion doors are like a wall of glass. Open them up and let the fresh air flow inside.

Accordion Windows, What’s in a Name?

It’s easy to see how accordion windows have earned their name. They simply fold up like the pleats on the musical instrument, the accordion. These windows are not only an interesting focal point for any room, but they are quite functional as well. The accordion type action of these windows and doors completely removes the barrier from a kitchen or den to the rear patio, deck, or pool area.

No Patio No Problem

While it sure is nice to connect the interior of your home to a rear patio or deck, not all rooms are oriented to take advantage of accordion doors. But if you have an awesome view from your kitchen, like the home below, you may want to consider accordion windows above the sink. These windows can replace a conventional casement window or bay window to open the space up to the outdoors. Who needs a back-splash in a kitchen anyway?

Accordion Windows

Removable Wall in an Instant

This view from the interior of home shows how quick the family room can become part of the outdoor patio area. As the accordion door folds up from left to right, the wall of windows completely disappears. Just imagine how this will tie the two spaces together when entertaining family and friends.

Accordion Windows

Other Uses for Accordion Windows & Doors

Home Office Divider: You can use accordion doors to separate 2 rooms in the interior of your home. In the closed position, the doors provide privacy for an in-home office. In the open position the adjacent rooms become one.

Basement Recreation Room: An accordion door can separate a basement recreation room from a temporary guest bedroom. When you need the extra space for larger gatherings, simply collapse the door to create a wide-open party space.

Energy Conservation: In larger homes, you may isolate an unused space by installing and closing an accordion door. You can temporarily close off the unused space to reduce your overall heating and air conditioning bill.

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