Benefits of Installing Sliding Glass Patio Doors

July 26, 2015

Are your about to remodel your home? Have you considered installing sliding glass patio doors? You may have been concerned that the project is too much of an undertaking. This isn’t necessarily true. There are many standard packages on the market today that can make the installation very easy. It may not be as difficult or as expensive as you think. You can take on this DIY project yourself of hire a local contractor to perform the installation.

Sliding glass doors have become a popular design feature in many new homes today. For older homes, adding sliding doors will brighten an otherwise dark room and provide these additional benefits:

Benefits of Installing Sliding Glass Patio Doors:

  • Larger Door Opening: There are a wide range of Patio Door sizes available. In general, if you replace your existing hinged door with a sliding patio door, the actual clear opening will be wider. This can provide easy access for moving large items in and out of your home. It certainly makes is easier to supply your backyard picnic.
  • Saving Space: Traditional hinged doors require floor space to accommodate the swing radius of the door. By installing sliding glass patio doors in its place, you can free up some floor space. This may make room for a slightly larger kitchen table. Or simply some elbow room or space for another chair at the table.
  • Enhance Your View: Sliding glass patio doors offer a much wider viewing area of the outdoors. Enjoy a picturesque view of your backyard. This is particularly true if you compare a sliding door to French Doors or even more so for a single solid door.
  • Brighten Your Kitchen: The large glass area of a sliding door will let more daylight in. This will brighten your kitchen throughout the day.
  • Energy Efficiency: Most sliding glass door assemblies feature a screen door as well. On those cool spring mornings and fall afternoons you can open the glass and let the fresh breeze into your home. This will reduce the energy consumption of your air conditioning unit.
  • Sliding glass doors are available in vinyl or wood. In both cases they are available with Low-E glass which will reduce your energy costs. The vinyl assemblies are easier to maintain and generally lower initial cost. The wood frame versions offer more decorative choices for high-end homes. While the wood frames look great, they do require more maintenance and periodically require fresh coat of paint.

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