Black Window Trim | Unique Look for a Modern Home

April 29, 2018

Black window trim can provide a unique, contemporary look for your home or office. The appearance can be particularly stunning when black window trim is incorporated into a modern décor. In many cases the use of black or another dark color can eliminate the need for costly window treatments. The trim itself, with its high contrast, becomes the focal point of the windows. This is an added benefit in a small room where heavy curtains can overpower the space. Eliminating the curtains can also be an advantage in darker spaces, where the additional light is much welcomed.

Black Window Trim Creates a High Contrast

Black window trim may be a little beyond your comfort zone initially, however it is a simple way to go bold in lieu of painting a vibrant color on the walls. If you’re searching for contrast, black trim looks great adjacent to white walls or light grey paint. The prominent contrast results in a modern look for your home. To boost the contrast, use a high gloss black paint, while keeping the walls flat or satin finish.

Using Black Window Trim Outdoors

You saw the extreme contrast in the interior of a home in the photo above, but what will black window trim look like on the exterior of your house? You can see how well it looks when the window trim matches the black front door in the image below. This is particularly true when the adjacent façade on the front of your home is a grey stone or slate.

Black Window Trim

Additional Tips

Painting your window trim black can create the illusion of fancy architectural accents. An otherwise plain and simple trim profile takes on the look of something special and unique.

Adding black accessories to your walls including black frames around your artwork or photos can tie everything together with your window trim.

Dark trim colors can hide some of the wear and tear that often stands out on white trim and baseboards. If you have active kids and pets, dark colored trim can be far more forgiving. Conversely, dust will tend to be more prominent on dark trim.

If you are restoring an older home and you don’t want to replace the window trim and baseboards, darker colors can be used to hide the imperfections in the old wood trim.

Darker trim looks great in a kitchen, dining room, or den where you may be entertaining. It may be less inviting in a bathroom where calm, soothing colors could be more appropriate.

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