Blasting With Recycled Glass | Saving the Environment

September 29, 2016

In the previous article we took a quick peek at what happens to recycled glass, including glass from home windows, bottles, and automotive windshields. In this article we take a deeper look into one of the more common uses for recycled glass, sandblasting. Okay, you caught me it’s really not sand blasting since the blasting media is recycled glass not sand. In fact, they won’t be using sand much longer due to the health and environmental aspects of blasting with sand. Recycled glass is a much greener, environmentally friendly alternative.

What is Blasted with Recycled Glass?

I am glad you asked! When I started looking around for information on what type of products people blast using recycled glass I was amazed at some of the applications. Recycled glass is used for stripping the bottom paint off of boats, restoring log homes, refinishing classic cars, and much more. I found quite a few videos along the way and here are just a few of my favorites:

Classic Car Restoration Using Crushed Glass

In this video a repair shop uses crushed glass to strip an automotive door. The recycled glass strips the old paint, rust, and even patches of bondo. The glass is tough enough to remove the old undercoating on a car frame yet gentle enough to not damage or warp the metal panels. A critical point for car buffs!

Log Home Restoration Using Recycled Glass

Imagine how long it would take to strip a log cabin by hand. Look how fast it is when blasting the wood with recycled glass. The old stain, paint, and mold are removed quickly so the log cabin can be repainted or clear coated for a fresh new look.

Boat Bottom Paint Removal

Just like the log home video above, it is amazing to see the crushed glass from your old home windows ripping paint off of the bottom of a boat. The glass strips off a thick layer of bottom paint without harming the hull. Amazing!

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