Bow Windows vs Bay Windows Which is Best Suited for My Home?

December 10, 2017

If you are remodeling your home, you may want to include a Bay Window or Bow Windows in your plans. The addition of either style, will not only add more light to the room, but will dramatically change the overall appearance of the room transforming it into a modern space. Both, Bay Windows and Bow Windows will become the focal point of any room. Now how do you decide which is best suited for your home?

Bay Windows & Bow Windows. What’s the Difference?

Both window styles are basically a group of windows that protrude beyond the flat wall to open up the space and allow more light to enter the room. The 2 styles of windows are so close in design that the terms are often misused. Yet the difference is quite clear.

Bay Windows: A Bay Window is a grouping of 3 windows. The center window, which is usually wider, is parallel to the exterior wall of the home. The 2 adjacent windows on the ends are angled outwards from the wall. Usually at a 45-degree angle, however some are set at 25 degrees or 35 degrees. The photo above demonstrates just how dramatic the view can be.

Bow Windows: Bow Windows are usually a series of 4, 5, or 6 panels of equally sized windows. The panels are placed at varying angles to form somewhat of an arc or curve. The image below is a 4-light Bow Window. Notice how the 4 panels form a curve effect.

Bow Windows

When to Use Bay Windows?

With the extra-large panel in the middle, bay windows are the best choice for an unobstructed view. They provide the perfect lake or mountain view. Again, I refer you to the spectacular view in the bathroom photo above. Bay windows are more commonly found in modern homes and have sleek lines.

When to Use Bow Windows?

Bow Windows are more commonly found in older homes. They were widely used in the 60’s and 70’s. Of course, many of the homes of this area are prime candidates for a remodel. They were also found in many Victorian era homes. Bow Windows can be installed in such a way that they wrap around the corner of the home to create a turret effect.

What our Clients Say:

“My bay windows added a tremendous amount of light to the room and it feels like the space is larger.” anonymous


“Installing bow windows in my home was cheaper than I thought it would be and it totally transformed the look of my house.” anonymous

In either case, consider the architectural style of your home when making your decision. Bay or Bow?
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