Bring on the Blooms with Window Flower Boxes

June 18, 2015

The sun is shining, your home is brighter, and hundreds of gorgeous flowers bloom outside your windows. Why not bring some of that life to your own home by creating window flower boxes? With some elegant roses or cheerful sunflowers, a flower box perched beneath your window will instantly add a pop of color and a dash of sunshine.

Outdoor Flower Boxes

By simply adding a window flower box to a few exterior windows, you can bump up your home’s curb appeal to an 11! Once you have a few brackets, flower boxes, and your favorite drill, it only takes one afternoon to install a flower box. Choose colors to coordinate with your home’s paint, or make those blooms stand out even more by going for a contrasting wood. To add even more detail, choose a window box with an intricate wrought iron design.

Once the boxes are secure, have some fun with flowers! The possibilities are endless; chose your favorite blossoms or gather a mix to create a stunning color palette. No matter what you decide, try to choose flowers that are in season so they are as bright and vibrant as possible. When a new season rolls around, switch out the old flowers for new ones to keep your home looking fresh and bright. For fall, try a fiery mix of heleniums and goldenrods and for the spring, go for a softer blend of lilacs and daffodils.

Indoor Flower Boxes

Living in a rental space? No worries, bring the outside in by placing some window flower boxes inside. Place your box underneath a window sill so your blossoms get a healthy serving of sunlight. If you want to bring some blossoming life to a darker part of your home, just install a plant light and your flowers will be eating up that light like it were the sun!

Without the need to be mounted on a wall or endure harsh weather, you can get even more creative with indoor window flower boxes. Customize your flower box with engraving or stenciling on a fancy font. For something more unique, use glass jars, clay pots, or even vintage tin containers to house your plants. You can nestle individual pots in a box or fill up the whole thing to make a lush garden.

Stick with more delicate flowers that won’t overpower your miniature garden like violet, hibiscus, or lily. Succulents, such as aloe, are nearly indestructible plants that can be housed inside to add a bit of greenery. Take your green garden to the kitchen and fill it with herbs like basil, mint, thyme, and oregano. No matter what you chose to fill your indoor garden with, you can a splash of color, healing, and even some flavor into your home!