Broken Window Pane |Remove the Old Window Glazing

November 9, 2014

Now that you have cleaned up the broken glass the next step is to remove the old window Glazing.

Video Step 2 | How to Remove the Old Window Glazing

Safety Gear:

Before you start to remove the old window glazing you should find your safety glasses. If you are like the average do-it-yourself Handyman, your safety glasses are probably buried in the back of the tool box. It’s time to fish them out for this project to protect your eyes from flying debris as you chip out and remove the Old Window Glazing.

Tools Required:

For this step of your project you will need the following tools:

  • Small Hammer
  • Rigid Putty Knife
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Safety Glasses
  • Large Flat Screwdriver

Remove the Glazing:

This first step is fairly easy, but a little time consuming. Remove the old window glazing by prying up on the bottom of the glazing with a rigid putty knife. Be extremely careful to not pull up on the wooden window frame itself. Doing so will damage the frame and make it much more difficult to install the new glazing. For tough areas, you may gently tap the putty knife with a small hammer.

Remove the Old Nails

When your glass was originally installed, small triangle nails would have been used to hold the glass in place while the glazing set up, in some cases this can be several days. So don’t be surprised as you come across these nails. You can usually remove the nails with needle nose pliers. For more stubborn nails, you may need to pry the nails out with a large flat screwdriver.

Clean Up:

Once you have chipped away all of the old glazing it’s time to clean up the work area. Use a shop vac to pick up all of the debris and be sure to thoroughly clean the area where the new glazing will be installed. Take a close look and feel around this area to make sure there are no bumps or glazing left behind that would make it difficult to install the new window pane and glazing.

Video Step 3 | Measure & Cut the New Glass

The next step is to measure the window opening and cut the new glass. Watch the video for Step 3 now. If you missed Video 1 | Removing the Broken Glass watch it now.

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