Broken Window Pane Replacement Video

November 8, 2014

Watch the following video to learn the step by step procedure for broken window pane replacement. Be sure to watch the entire video series including Video Step 2: Removing the Old Window Glazing, Video Step 3: Measuring and Cutting the Window Glass, and Video Step 4: Window Glazing.

Broken Window Pane Replacement Video

Safety First

Before you start to remove the broken glass from the frame, you need to take a few safety precautions:

  • Gloves: Wear thick, heavy duty, leather gloves to prevent cuts to your hands and arms while removing the broken glass.
  • Glasses: Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying shards of broken glass.
  • Safety Shoes: Wear closed toe shoes or safety boots to protect your feet from falling glass or broken glass that may be lying on the floor. Leave the flip-flops in the closet!

Break Large Pieces of Glass

Larger pieces of the broken window pane may be difficult to handle. To break up the window hold the outer edge of the broken glass and tap the glass gently adjacent to the window frame.

Safe Disposal of the Broken Window Pane Glass

Assemble a small cardboard box to safely dispose of the broken pieces of glass. Be sure to seal the bottom seams of the box with packing tape so the small shards of glass cannot escape. DO NOT use a plastic bag for disposal. DO NOT place loose glass pieces in the trash can.

Pry Small Glass Pieces

Using needle nose pliers, carefully pull out the small pieces of glass from the window frame. You may need to use a pick, awl, or paint scraper to remove the small chips that remain between the window glazing and the wood frame.

Clean Up

Before moving on to the Broken Window Pane Replacement Video 2 “Removing the Old Glazing” take a moment to clean up your work area. Pick up loose glass resting on the window sill. Sweep up the floor. Use a shop-vac to pick up the tiny shards on the window sill, the gap adjacent to the original glazing, and the surrounding floor area. Be sure to seal the cardboard box before disposal.

If you need professional service for your broken window pane replacement contact the WindowRepairGuy at One Source Renovation, LLC.  Give us a call at (815)-634-8922. Or if you have a question about your project, get in touch using the contact form.