Carrying Glass | The Safe Way to Handle Window Glass

May 15, 2016

Carrying Glass on the jobsite or at home can be more hazardous than you may imagine. In this article we will discuss the safe way to properly handle window glass. These tips are useful for both the professional contractor and a do-it-yourself homeowner. So if you are repairing or replacing the windows in your home, here are a few things to keep in mind when carrying glass.

Safety Tips for Carrying Glass

  1. Always Wear Gloves: You should always wear heavy duty rubber gloves when carrying glass. The rubber not only protects your hands, but it also allows you to get a good grip on the glass itself. A secondary choice would be heavy duty work gloves with thick leather palms.
  2. Always Wear Safety Shoes: This is no time to go “Barefoot in the Park.” You should always wear shoes. The best option is a steel toed work boots.
  3. Never Slide Your Hand Along the Glass Edge: First of all, you should be wearing work gloves. But if by chance you didn’t adhere to rule number 1, never slide your hand or arm along the edge of the glass. The sharp edge acts like a knife and the sliding action will lead to a deep cut of your skin.
  4. Carry the Glass Vertically: If you lay down the glass when you carry it, there is a good chance it will break as its own weight will cause it to deflect. This is particularly true with larger sheets of glass.
  5. Use Two People: Teamwork is the answer when carrying glass, especially when you need to carry larger sheets of glass in the vertical position.
  6. Clear a Path: Plan your route and clear a path before you pick up the glass and remove any tripping hazards. Make sure you have prepared a soft cushioned landing area at your destination.
  7. Never Carry Glass Overhead: You may be tempted to carry smaller windows overhead, and use the top of your head to help steady your load. Bad idea! If the glass breaks the shards of glass can fall on your neck, face, or down your back. Severing an artery in your neck could be a fatal mistake. Getting glass in your eyes or ears is something you definitely want to avoid.
  8. Wear Safety Glasses: Speaking of your eyes; you should always wear safety glasses when handling glass. You need to protect your eyes from flying splinters in the event you break the window.

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