Childproof Windows | 5 Ways to Make Your Home Windows Safer

November 25, 2017

Your home safety plan should include childproof windows. From a safety standpoint, the term childproof windows will encompass more than simply the window itself. You also need to consider the surrounding environment and access to the windows. This is especially important for second story windows. However, even first floor windows can be dangerous. They could be several feet above the ground if a steep grade falls away from your home.

Did you know that on average over 5,000 children fall from windows each year in the United States alone? This is according to a study conducted by The American Academy of Pediatrics. With these kind of numbers, childproof windows are an absolute must. According to the study, the average age of the children who experienced fall related injuries was just 5.1 years old.

5 Tips for Childproof Windows

Childproof Window Locks: One of the most effective ways to childproof the windows in your home is to install Childproof Window Locks. These specialty locks will prevent toddlers from opening the windows themselves unbeknownst to you. Safety locks are available for virtually all types of windows including double hung window locks & locks for sliding windows and doors.

Childproof Window Stops: If you reside in a climate where you like to keep your windows open to enjoy the fresh air, you can add window stops to your double hung windows. The stops will limit how far the window will open. When you set the opening at about 4”, children are kept safe while still enjoying a fresh breeze.

Childproof Windows

Childproof Window Guards: There is no such thing as childproof window screens. If you plan on opening your windows to their full extent, you need to cover the opening with a childproof window guard. These are available for bay windows, double hung windows, casement windows, and sliding windows. The guards are easy to install and will deter children from playing near the windows and will prevent falling.

Childproof Windows

Childproof Window Blinds: Aside from falling, the next leading cause of child injuries related to windows is strangulation from window blind cords. Replace all of your old-style blinds with child-safe blinds with safety cords. Take it one step further and install blind cord windups, to keep the cords out of reach of children.

Childproof Windows

Furniture Placement: Many toddlers like to climb on everything in sight. Furniture placed near a window would be especially inviting to tiny tots. Move furniture away from windows to prevent kids from climbing near open windows.

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