Choose a Window Style that Matches Your Home

September 21, 2014

When shopping for new windows for your home; be sure to choose a window style that matches the architectural style of your home. While your personal taste may be a major factor, it is still important to select a window style that will complement the look of your home. If your new windows don’t match your home it may affect the resale value of the property and will certainly reduce the curb appeal.

Follow these tips to determine a Window Style best suited for your home:

Cape Cod Homes:

The Cape Cod architectural style originated in New England but is now popular throughout the country. Cape Cod Cottages are generally a story and a half and feature a steep pitched room. They often feature a large central chimney which supports multiple fireplaces within the home. The windows on a Cape Cod home are usually adorned with shutters. The most appropriate window style for a Cape Cod home would be a double hung window with grids or Muntins to break up the larger panes.

Colonial Homes:

A Colonial style home is generally a large, 2 story home, with a smaller, narrow eave or overhang. To match this 17th century architectural style your windows should be double hung with smaller individual panes or a divider grid.

Contemporary Homes:

The window style most often found in a contemporary home would be a picture window for large openings or a standard double hung window for smaller windows.

Log Homes:

Casement Window OpenThere are two common window styles for a log home or a log cabin. The first is a casement window which features a sash that is hinged on one side and the window swings outward to open. The other is an awning type window featuring a sash that is hinged at the top and the window swings out at the bottom.

Southern Plantation:

All Southern Plantation homes are two stories high and usually have a hipped roof or side gables. The window style is a double hung window with divider grids.

Spanish Style Homes:

A Spanish Style home features a tile roof, multiple arches, and large heavy wood trim. To complement the structural arches of the home, select a window style that includes an arched window above the standard grid pattern windows below.

Split Level Homes:

One common window style found in a Split Level home is a large sliding glass window or in some cases a crank out, casement window.

Tudor Homes:

The Architectural Style of a Tudor Home dates back to the medieval times. The Tudor style home is easily recognizable with its steep rooflines and the decorative timber on the upper half of the exterior. The window style found on a Tudor Style home is a casement window and usually features a lattice pattern grill.

Victorian Homes:

The most common window style found on Victorian Homes is Sash Windows with larger panes of glass. Victorian homes are noted for their steep roof lines, large porches, and an abundance of decorative trim.

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