Double Hung Window Balance Assembly Repair

October 11, 2014

Having trouble keeping your double hung windows open? Do you find yourself propping up the window sash with a stick? The problem may be related to your window balance assembly. If the problem is prevalent on all of your double hung windows it may be time to install new replacement windows throughout your home. If the issue is isolated to just one or two windows you may want to consider a window balance assembly repair or replacement.

The easy part of the repair is removing the broken window balance assembly and installing the new components. The more challenging aspect of the balance assembly repair is identifying the style of the balance so you can purchase the correct parts to complete the repair.

Identifying the Window Balance Assembly Type

If you happen to know the manufacture of your existing windows it will be much easier to determine what type of window balance assembly you will need. If you are not sure what brand your windows are simply contact the for help.

The most common window balance assembly types are Spiral Balance, Channel Balance, and Coil Balance assemblies. To service all three types, you must first remove the window sash. This is usually accomplished by tilting the sash and then raising one side higher than the other until the sash pin disengages from the shoe:

Spiral Balance Assembly:

Spiral BalanceOn a spiral balance assembly the helix or spiral is connected to a spring that is in turn connected to the tube that houses the assembly. If your spiral balance assembly has failed, the spiral has likely become disconnected from the spring. To replace the spiral balance, remove the screw which fastens the tube to the window. Then slide the tube out to disconnect it from the shoe.

Coil Balance Assembly:

Coil BalanceA coil balance assembly is also known as a constant force balance. It is rare that a coil balance would need replacement, however debris can build up inside and deteriorate the spring over time. To access the coil remove the window sash. The coil itself is usually held in place with a detent clip. Remove the mounting screw to replace the coils.

Channel Balance Assembly:

Channel BalancesThe most common problem with a channel balance, also known as a block and tackle balance, is broken strings. If the strings on your channel balance assembly are damaged, remove the screw to disengage the shoe and balance and replace the entire assembly.

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