Easy Christmas Window Decorations for Last Minute Parties

December 22, 2018

Are you looking for a few ideas of easy Christmas Window Decorations that you can create at the last minute? Perhaps your kids are arriving home from college and you haven’t had time to decorate yet. Or maybe they have had a last-minute change in plans just like in the Tim Allen movie, “Christmas with the Kranks” and they decided to come home for Christmas after all. Check out the movie!

Maybe you are hosting a last-minute Christmas gathering for neighbors and friends, and you want to spruce things up a bit. You will need some fast and easy Christmas decorating ideas. Check out these designs that I discovered online. Some of these decorations you can make yourself, or for others it’s just a quick trip to Walmart and your all set.

Easy Christmas Window Decorations…Simple Ideas

Here is an easy Christmas Window Decorating concept that you can do yourself. Simply grab a few ornaments from the tree and string them together along the top of the window. Pick a group of ornaments that will create a theme. Your favorites may be Mickey Mouse or Snoopy. Or maybe a string of Snowmen or Angels. The string in the photo is a perfect fit for a rustic Motif for your cabin in the woods.

Easy Christmas Window Decorations

The kids are going to love to construct their own window sill decorations. Its really simple to do! Just cover the window sill with one of their special blankets. Place their favorite Teddy Bear or Doll on a small pillow. Add a candle or a Christmas Nutcracker, hang a star, and you’re done.

Easy Christmas Window Decorations

Use the same concept in your living room or den. Place a Christmas blanket or a tree skirt on the window sill. Set a few Angels, Santa Figurines, Snowmen or Nutcrackers along the window sill and in 5 minutes you have a created a unique display for the holidays.

Wall Decals are Fast & Easy Christmas Window Decorations

Maybe you live in an apartment or basement flat and have very few windows. Just pick up a stick-on wall decal with a Christmas scene and adhere it to wall in your living area. These are quite popular in Florida or other warm climates where the chance of snow is slim to none. It will feel more like Christmas with a view of the faux snow.

Easy Christmas Window Decorations

Easy Christmas Window Decorations

Window Decals

You can’t go wrong with the old standby, easy to use, stick on window decals. The kids can place these on at will, without getting into too much trouble. Even tiny tots will have fun doing this. The kits come in all shapes and sizes from snowflakes to Santa or Snowmen and Reindeer.

Easy Christmas Window Decorations

LED Christmas Lights

A string of LED Christmas Lights hung inside any window will look great indoors and simply awesome when viewed from the street. This is a project for dad, but it won’t take him a minute. He’ll be done hanging the lights before finishing his first glass of eggnog or Egg-Grog for some.

Easy Christmas Window Decorations

“Merry Christmas from The Window Repair Guy”

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