Energy Saving Tips | Reducing Your Monthly Utility Costs

January 13, 2019

It’s January, it’s cold, and after receiving your first utility bill of the year, you’re probably looking for some energy saving tips. You have come to the right place; we have compiled a list of energy saving tips which will help you slash your monthly power bill. As a window repair company, we obviously have a bias towards replacing your outdated windows with new, Low-E energy efficient windows, or inspecting and repairing your current windows. But there are many other ways in which you can reduce your power consumption.

Top Energy Saving Tips

Cleaning Appliances: Dust build up on the coils of your refrigerator or deep freezer can make them work a little harder. We don’t often think about these hidden areas, but if you take a quick peek behind your fridge you will see what I mean. Cleaning the coils on appliances can reduce their energy consumption by as much as 25%.

Smart Power Strips: You may be surprised to learn how much power is consumed by idle power strips within your home. A primary example would be a home office printer that is used intermittently. Larger homes equipped with multiple power strips could be wasting well over $100 a year. Smart Power Strips are equipped with motion sensors or master controls to eliminate wasteful power consumption.

Using Ceiling Fans: Okay, it’s hard to think about cooling fans when you are knee deep in snow, but when summer rolls around the use of ceiling fans is one of our favorite energy saving tips. The secret behind ceiling fans is they allow you to raise the setting of your AC unit. By circulating the air in your living areas, you will feel cooler. Kind of like a wind-chill effect. If you feel cooler, you can bump up your thermostat by three of four degrees and save power.

Energy Saving Tips Cieling Fan

Lower Your Water Temperature: Reducing the temperature of your hot water heater will not only reduce your energy costs, it can also extend the life of your water heater. Many units have a low-temp setting of 120 degrees. At the very least, set the water heater to “Vacation Mode” when travelling out of town.

Eliminating Air Leaks: Sealing air leaks in your home can reduce your energy consumption by as much as 10 percent. Be sure to inspect windows, doors, and any wall penetrations for plumbing and electrical outlets. Contact the Window Repair Guy to inspect your windows and check for leaks and other damage.

Cold Water Wash: Use the cold-water cycle on your washing machine when ever you can. In addition to reducing utility costs, washing with cold water is less harmful to your clothing.

Low-Flow Nozzles: Who doesn’t like a high-pressure shower. While it might feel good at the time, the extra water consumption is costing you dearly. Installing low-flow nozzles in your shower can save up to 5 gallons of hot water per use.

Smart-Lite Porch Lights: We all like to have a light on our porch for night-time security. The problem arises when we leave the light on all day, wasting electricity. The solution is a “Smart-Lite” which automatically turns off during the day. These new lights are also equipped with a motion sensor to automatically brighten when needed.

Refrigerator Settings: To keep your food fresh while also conserving energy, set your refrigerator temperature between 35 degrees and 38 degrees.

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