Enhance Window Security at Home to Keep Thieves Out

March 12, 2017

Safety is a general concern for any homeowner, whether or not the area is known to have a high crime rate. Window security is a common consideration by homeowners everywhere, since this is the most likely entry point that intruders use to force access into the home.

An added sense of security will help homeowners sleep better at night without worrying about burglars entering through their windows. Businesses also need enhanced security, but their needs are different than those of individuals. This article will primarily focus on the needs of homeowners.

Enhancing Window Security at Home:

Each of these options work in concert to keep unwanted visitors out of your home:

Extra Locking Mechanisms

Basic window locks are relatively weak and susceptible to a breach. Installing a ball and chain window lock or a window sash security pin can prevent the sash from moving up or down. You could also install a larger, more robust locking mechanism on the windows to make it harder to force the window open. With these features in place, the only way the thief could get through the window opening would be the break the glass; an action that is likely to alert you and your neighbors of the intruder’s presence.

Alarm Systems

There are many different types of window alarm systems to choose from, all of which are useful for a homeowners’ security plan. The most common type is the magnetic lock. One portion of the lock connects to the window and the other connects to the frame. When the window is closed, the alarm is set. When the window opens, and breaks the contact, the alarm sounds off. Today’s alarm systems can be integrated with your mobile devices to alert both you and the police, even if you are away from home.

Reinforced Glass

A somewhat expensive solution for many homeowners in crime ridden areas is reinforced glass. This is an excellent way to keep thieves from forcing entry through a broken window. Even if they do try to break the glass, they will find it extremely difficult to do so and will more than likely give up in the process. If nothing else the extra noise emitted in their effort of trying to break the glass will alert you of the intruder’s presence.

Metal Window Grills

Bars over the windows may feel like a prison to some, but if you purchased aesthetically designed window bars than it becomes less of an issue and the metal window grids can actually accentuate the architectural style of some homes. Iron bars can truly upgrade window security, since it’s nearly impossible for a burglar to enter your home with these in place. Okay, this is not the answer for the average homeowner, but if you live in dangerous neighborhood or you spend a lot of time away from your home, this extreme measure may be an option for you.

Sturdy Glass Alternatives

Plexiglass or polycarbonate can be used in place of traditional glass window panes to make your windows almost unbreakable. While this material is not commonplace in residential homes, it is often found in garages or industrial facilities where safety is a factor. While these options are far superior in terms of strength, they are not necessarily budget-friendly.

Is Window Security an Important Consideration?

Window security is an issue that can’t be ignored. In some urban areas, it can be vital to prevent break-ins and burglary’s. These security options can help keep homeowners safer in their houses by preventing forced entry by unwanted intruders whom have bad intentions.

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