Foggy Window Pane Repair

October 26, 2014

Home windows in Illinois are subject to extreme temperature fluctuations throughout the day. This is particularly true in late fall and early spring when daytime temperatures can be much higher than the nighttime low. This can lead to a structural failure in the window pane itself, causing foggy windows, and ultimately, a foggy window pane repair.

The cause of the foggy window pane is the failure of the air-tight window seal between the double panes or triple panes of the glass window itself. While most window pane seals last for many years, the constant expansion and contraction of the window can lead to seal failure over time.

Double Pane Window Cross Section 300WOnce the seal is damaged that same expansion and contraction will allow air to flow in and out from the airspace between the panes. This constant flow of air and moisture will lead to a buildup of moisture between the window panes and also leave mineral deposits on the glass itself. It is this infiltration that causes a foggy window pane.

A Foggy Window Pane Repair can reduce your heating bill:

A foggy window pane is not only unsightly, it is also inefficient. The moisture between the window panes will dramatically affect the thermal qualities of your windows. So if you have a foggy window pane in your Illinois home, your winter heating bill is about to increase.

Steps Step Foggy Window Pane Repair

  • Window Inspection: Before you set out to repair your foggy window pane you should conduct a thorough inspection of the Window including the Window Sash, Window Sill, Window Casing, and the Stool, as well and the surrounding structure. If you discover wood rot in any of these areas, your problem is more serious and must be addressed before you replace the damaged window panes.
  • Remove the Sash: Remove the window sash from the casing. For most double hung windows this is accomplished by partially opening the window and tilting the sash towards you. Care must be taken to not damage the wood frame and the window balance components.
  • Remove the Putty Glaze or Glazing Bead: For putty glaze applications, use a putty knife to remove the putty glazing compound while being careful not to damage the wooden sash or your hand. For vinyl windows, remove the vinyl glazing bead to access the glass unit.
  • Measure: Carefully measure the original window pane including the length, width, and thickness. Take exceptional care when measuring the thickness of the window pane as the thickness can vary dramatically from manufacturer to manufacturer. Double check your measurements before you place your order.
  • Installation: Apply a bead of RTV glazing silicone with no acid content on the sash where the glass will be placed. Install your new window pane in the existing sash, replace the glazing compound or glazing beads, repaint the window sash if needed. Carefully re-insert the sash allowing ample time for the paint to dry and Never paint the edges of the sash that touch the jamb. And remember that the quality of the glass you use makes a big difference. There is a great disparity in insulated glass units made by different manufacturers.

If the foggy window pane repair process is too intimidating; contact For service in these Illinois cities: Aurora, Naperville, Plainfield, Joliet, Shorewood, Channahon, Morris, New Lenox, Frankfort, Mokena, Orland Par, call One Source Renovation, LLC at 815-634-8922.