French Casement Windows | Fresh Air and Incredible Views

October 29, 2018

French Casement Windows can be an exceptional choice for your home. How do French Casement Windows differ from conventional Casement Windows, and when are they the preferred option? Let’s take a look at the unique features of these windows, and where you may want to place them in your home.

What are French Casement Windows?

Traditional casement windows are often a single pane that swings outward and extends outside your home when in the open position. The hinge point of a casement window is on the right or left vertical side of the glass. Generally, they open and close using a hand crank that is situated at the base of the window. Some casement windows may even have powered actuators.

Conversely, French Casement Windows consist of a pair of side by side panels that swing outward from the middle. A true French Casement will not have a center post, so when the windows are fully opened they provide an expansive, unobstructed view of the landscape. While the rustic versions of the windows swing out manually, current designs are usually equipped with the same actuators found in regular casement windows.

Where to Use French Casement Windows

The most suitable locations for installing French Casement Windows are in rooms that enjoy a dramatic, scenic view.
Kitchens: The window over a kitchen sink overlooking your backyard or a lake or pond would be an ideal location.

Master Bedrooms: Adding French Casement Windows to a bedroom can add a romantic flair to the room, while at the same time flooding the bedroom with natural light.

French Casement Windows

Sunrooms: Adding multiple casement windows to a sunroom will enhance the use of the space. With the windows open you can enjoy a fresh evening breeze in the spring and fall, while taking in the view.

Country Homes: The windows in your home should match the overall style of the house. If you are building a country home or rustic cabin, French Casement Windows may be the perfect fit.

French Casement Windows

Variations of French Casement Windows

Don’t limit yourself to a simple, square, window design. French Casement Windows are available in a wide range of configurations. Consider combining a transom window or an arched window above your casement windows for a unique design.

French Casement Windows

Advantages of French Casement Windows

Casement windows offer several advantages over other window types. In the open position, casement windows provide more ventilation compared to other window styles. Casement windows can be easier to open than many double-hung windows. This can be a huge advantage if the window is in a hard to reach location.

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