Fresh Window Decorating Ideas for Spring

May 16, 2015

Spring is the season for renewal and creating a fresh start. So why not update your windows with refreshing treatments that will brighten and renew your home? Whether you want to accent newly installed windows, or update existing décor, there are a variety of window decorating ideas to help spring your home into this new season.

Window Decorating Ideas

  1. Expand Space
    To create the illusion of larger windows, try hanging curtains higher and wider than the actual windows. This will not only illuminate your home with light, but it will create an open feeling and windows will appear more expansive.
  2. Layer
    Don’t just limit yourself to one dimension of treatments. To add depth, frame the windows with a heavier curtain on each side and add a sheer curtain in between. The heavier curtain will ground the windows and create a focal point, and the sheer curtains allow light to shine through while adding a sense of depth.

    Vary the use of color and texture as well. Try mixing patterned panels with solid colors or embroidered panels with sheer ones. The variety in texture and color will add dimension to your space.

  3. Go for Luxury
    If you’re aiming for a more luxurious feeling, try using swags in addition to layered curtain panels. Swags are panels of fabric draped over a curtain rod in a swooping motion. When combined with rich textiles or layered on top of solid curtains, they immediately upgrade a room to five-star hotel status.

  4. Add Accents
    Curtain rods and tie backs are an easy way to add a unique accent to each room. Choose a rod with a decorative ball on each end to add a touch of sparkle, or pick an intricate tie back to add texture. Tie backs can be used to fasten the curtain back to let light enter, or they may be used simply as decoration. For a romantic look, hang two sheer curtains on top of one another and tie back each one in opposite directions. This will create a sweeping effect with an overlap in the center. By simply swapping out old hardware, it will look like your curtains got a makeover too!
  5. Keep it Private
    If privacy is of more concern, use shutters instead of decorative curtains. They can be opened to let light in, but easily closed when needed. Still want the look of curtains? Don’t be afraid to choose a darker fabric that will block out the light when closed.

When exploring new window decorating ideas, there are many options to choose from. Just remember it’s all about experimenting and discovering what options work best for you and your home. Spring is the time to create a fresh start and try new things, so go ahead and give those windows a facelift. If you’re interested in outdoor window decorating ideas as well, check out our article “Shutter Styles to Accent Your New Windows.”