Front Door and Window Trim Color Selection

December 25, 2015

Thinking about upgrading your windows and doors and wondering about the exterior color options? Your front door and window trim color can say a lot about your personality, but more importantly the colors need to match the style of your home. We have compiled a few images of brick homes and their entryways to help you with the front door and window trim color selection process:

Red Front Door

Red is a very bold color and is not for everyone. A brilliant red front door tells the world that you have a zest for life and that guests are welcome to come in to be entertained. Red can look outstanding in the right circumstances such as this grey brick home.

Red front door

If you get the colors just right, a red door can even go well with contrasting shutters:

Green Shutters

White Front Door

A white front door is a sign of organization. This is a simple and clean appearance with a window trim color in matching white.

White front door

Black Front Door

A black front door can be very stately. It goes well with the bold contrast of a light brick or stone. If you want to transform an older home, paint the brick white or very light grey and paint the front door and shutters black.

black front door

Natural Stained Wood Front Door

A front door that is stained, in lieu of a solid color, can be very rich in appearance, especially if the door itself features a glass inset and iron accents. It goes well with matching sidelights.

Glass Door

With a natural stain, the shutters can be virtually any color.

Natural stained door

A lighter stain will go well with a lighter, beige brick.

Natural Stained Front Door

Grey Front Door

The color grey can be a little cold and represents some indecisiveness in your actions. However; it can look good with pure white trim, matching sidelights, and matching grey shutters.

Grey Front Door

Green Front Door

Some believe that choosing green as your window trim color or front door color shows that you are focused on finance. However certain shades of green show your love of the outdoors. It is difficult to find a green that would look good as your front door, but in the example below it goes well with the green roof.

Dark Brown Front Door

A dark brown front door will look fabulous with a light stone or brick complete with iron accents.

Dark Brown Front Door

Cream or Beige Front Door

If your window trim color is already a cream color or light beige, painting the front door to match can keep everything in harmony. This can be a warm combination as well.

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