Glass Block Basement Windows | Features and Benefits

January 30, 2015

When it comes time to replace your basement windows you may want to consider an upgrade to Glass Blocks as a cost-effective, practical solution. Glass block basement windows are weather-tight and virtually maintenance free, even when installed in the harsh climate in Naperville Illinois. The glass blocks will serve a dual purpose of not only letting the sunshine in to illuminate your basement; they will also keep the average burglar at bay.

Benefits of Installing Glass Block Basement Windows in Your Home:

Energy Efficiency

Glass block windows can be up to 2 times more efficient as compared to conventional basement windows. The R Value of a single pane of glass is generally about 0.85, while the R Value of a glass block can range from 1.5 to 2.0. Most standard block windows are equally efficient as compared to more expensive thermal pane windows.

This improvement in thermal efficiency will certainly help to reduce your winter heating bill if you live in a cold climate like we have in like Aurora, Plainfield, and Joliet.


Glass block basement windows are much harder to break than standard glass panes. The blocks themselves can resist fire, reduce noise, and are somewhat impact resistant. They are often a deterrent for would-be thief’s, adding an additional layer of comfort and security when home alone or away on vacation.


The total installed cost can be less than many other window options. If you do somehow manage to break an individual block, it can easily be replaced.


Glass blocks are scratch-resistant. So when used as basement windows they are less susceptible to minor damage from yard work or when kids are rough-housing in the basement.


Glass block basement windows offer additional privacy. You can work or play in your basement without worrying about who is watching.

Additional Light

In most cases, glass block windows will allow more light to shine through once the old frame is removed. Your new window simply has more square area to let the sunshine in.

Architectural Style

You can improve the look of your basement windows by purchasing patterned glass blocks. Choose a style that suits you taste and matches the architectural style of your home. Specialty patterns include parallel flutes, seascape patterns, spiral patterns, speckled glass, and even color tints. The various textures create different light effects that can blur or distort images as seen through the glass.

Glass Block Window Sample

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