Glass Conservatory Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Investment

October 9, 2016

Follow these glass conservatory maintenance tips to keep your conservatory in tip top shape for years to come. Okay, you caught me, the term “conservatory” is more likely used in the UK, while we here in the USA we are more likely to call it a sunroom! If you want to get technical, a sunroom is more of an extension to the main home with a traditional roof and tons of windows. While a conservatory tends to be 100 percent glass, or close to it, in both the roof and walls. With that said, more and more true conservatories are popping up in homes around the country. Let’s praise thanks to the Brits!

Glass Conservatory Maintenance Issues & Useful Tips

Condensation is one of the more common issues with conservatories. This is usually the result of poor ventilation. You can overcome a condensation issue by:

  • Opening windows and doors to provide natural ventilation.
  • Ensue that the trickle vents in the roof ridge and under the eaves are open and unobstructed at all times.
  • If your roof features a vent you can open it frequently. Or better yet the roof vent can be automated to open automatically as needed.

Heating your conservatory can be helpful in controlling condensation. Of course heating a glass structure during inclement weather is easier said than done. If you are using portable heaters to warm the space, place the heaters near the windows. This will keep the inside pane of double glazed windows warm to reduce the heat loss.

Ambient Noise can be a concern with glass conservatories, in particular if your home is adjacent to a busy street. Double or triple pane glass can dramatically reduce the noise level inside your conservatory. Installing heavy curtains on the street side of the conservatory can dampen the noise. If street noise is a major concern you may want to consider a conventional roof in your design and installing additional insulation.

Blinds will also reduce noise and are a must for blocking out the sun at certain times of the day. Be sure to mount the blinds with at least a ½” gap between the glass and the blinds themselves.

Clean the windows with household glass cleaner and a soft rag. Never use cleaners that contain silicone or abrasives that could scratch the glass. Check out our article on window cleaning tips. If you do happen to inadvertently scratch the glass read this article on removing scratches in glass.

Lubricate door hinges with petroleum jelly or a commercial product such as white lithium grease. Window locks and hinges can be lubricated with a light machine oil.

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