Halloween Window Holograms an Easy Decorating Idea

October 21, 2016

It’s hard to believe that Halloween is just around the corner. As a window repair company we spend most of our time inspecting, repairing, and replacing windows. But we always look for creative ways to decorate our windows for the holidays and Halloween is no exception. Our decorating idea this year is Halloween Window Holograms. When the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood see the Halloween Window Holograms in your home, you may have the most popular house on the street. Certainly the most haunting!

Easy Halloween Window Holograms

This concept is pretty easy but you will need a projector to pull it off. Hopefully you already own a projector or can borrow one from the office, otherwise it’s time to shopping on Amazon where you can find an inexpensive projector for under $100. For the best effect you should buy a projector with a minimum of 1800 lumens. For a crisp, detailed image you should consider an HD projector to take advantage of the HD digital animations that are available today. You also need to consider the throw distance of the projector to make sure it is compatible with space you have and the size of the windows you plan to display your Halloween window holograms on.

The first step is to mount a slightly opaque material on the inside of the window. You can use a fine mesh, a thin white sheet, a thin shower curtain, or commercially available vinyl window clings. You can also use thin drapes; leaving the natural folds in place creates depth for a more realistic image.

Make sure you place your projected at the proper depth so that the imagery covers the entire window. If there is a gap at the top or bottom of the projected image it will appear unrealistic. We don’t want your visitors to spot a fake, we want them to be scared! For taller windows you can place the projector on its side if needed.

Turn off all of the interior lights of your home in the rooms that are displaying your Halloween Window Holograms. This will ensure the maximum visibility from the street. You can enhance the effect of your Hologram by adding some cobwebs or torn curtains around the edge of the window for a SPOOOOOKY look.

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