Holiday Window Decorating Ideas

December 14, 2014

As you start to decorate your home for the holiday season be sure to spruce up your windows as well. Trimming the tree and adding garland throughout the home can bring some Christmas Cheer but you can take it one step further and trim your windows for the Holiday’s. Here are some easy and inexpensive Holiday Window Decorating Ideas:

Before You Do Anything!!!

Never ever drill, screw or nail anything into a vinyl window frame. Never ever, ever use a hair dryer to melt ice on your window glass unless you want to pay me to replace your window glass. When screwing, drilling or nailing into a wooden window frame be sure you are no less that 2 full inches away from the glass. Remember that the glass goes into the frame almost an inch so there is glass where you cannot see it. When glass is cold it is more fragile than when it’s warm so don’t hit or push on the glass. Take care not to push too hard when applying suction cup hooks. When removing old tape residue, use window cleaner and a razor blade. Never scrape glass with a razor without applying cleaner first. Dry glass will scratch. Use common sense when decorating your windows.

Paper Snowflake Cutouts

One of our favorite Holiday Window Decorating Ideas is making Paper Snowflake Cutouts with our kids. Children of all ages will get into the Christmas spirit as they display their creativity. Gather white paper, Christmas Wrapping Paper, or Coffee Filters to create your winter snowflakes. Follow these step-by-step instructions:

Paper Snowflakes 400

  • Cut a square shape and lay it on the table
  • Fold the sheet diagonally, the upper RH corner should meet the lower LH corner
  • Fold the sheet diagonally again, the upper LH corner should meet the lower RH corner
  • Fold diagonally, grab the lower LH corner but the fold should be just one quarter the distance from the LH side
  • Fold diagonally, grab the lower RH corner but the fold should be one third the distance from the RH side, overlapping the edge of the previous fold
  • Cut off the bottom points
  • Trim to shape, get creative and try different shapes as no 2 snowflakes are alike
  • Unfold to reveal your snowflake

Use a dab of window putty to hang your snowflakes on your windows. The window putty will hold your decorations in place yet clean up easy when it’s time to take down the decorations after the holidays.

Snow Spray

When the winter wind howls, the falling snow outside will drift. Create the illusion of a snow drift by using Snow Spray on your windows. Spray the lower corners of each window pane to mimic the natural appearance of drifting snow.

Window Garland

Looking for unique Holiday Window Decorating Ideas? Over time you may have accumulated too many ornaments for your Christmas tree? Problem solved! Hang some garland from your windows by placing a thumb tack in the upper corners of the window frame. Suspend your excess ornaments from the Garland for a unique holiday decorating idea.

Window Wreaths 300

When the holiday season is over and it’s time to repair your rotting wood sills or replace that foggy glass, give us a call 815-634-8922.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday!