Home Remodeling Checklist for Aging Seniors

October 28, 2015

If your retirement is just around the corner, you should take some time to compile a home remodeling checklist. This is especially important if you are planning on staying in your existing home after retirement. There is a long list of things to consider as you prepare your home for your golden years. Many renovation projects will not only improve functionality of your home but also create an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The home remodeling checklist found below includes many key elements of your home which may need attention. Many of these you may not have not considered as of yet. Take a survey of your existing home and expand on this list as needed. Be sure to consider these ideas on your next remodeling project:

Home Exterior

  • Plant low maintenance shrubs and plants around your home
  • If adding a new patios and deck, the surface elevation should be within ½” of the interior floor level for easy access
  • Upgrade the exterior surfaces with low maintenance building materials such as vinyl siding and brick. This will eliminate the need for ongoing painting

Interior Layout

  • Ensure that all interior hallways are a minimum of 36” wide, even wider if feasible.
  • Hallways should be well-lit
  • Create a clear path to the main entry door of the home. At least one of these entrance doors should be step-free
  • Upgrade entrance doors to a 36” wide door with a minimum clear opening of 32”.
  • Upgrade your foyer flooring to non-slip material


  • Upgrade your windows to taller units which will have a lower sill height
  • Install additional windows to allow a sufficient amount of natural light into your home
  • Select windows manufactured with low maintenance materials such as vinyl
  • Choose window hardware that is over-sized and easy to operate

Kitchen & Laundry

  • Consider installing upper cabinets 3 inches lower than the standard height for easier access
  • Install under-the-cabinet task lighting to illuminate the counter tops
  • Add lazy-susans and roll out trays in the base cabinets for easy access
  • Consider an open space under a portion of the counter-top to use as a seating area.
  • Install faucets that have thermostatic anti-scald controls. These are available with lever handles or can be pedal-controlled.
  • Upgrade to a side-by-side refrigerator, a wall mounted oven, and a front loading washing machine
  • Bathroom

    • Construct a wheel-chair accessible bath on the main floor of the home. Include a clear floor area to use as a turnaround space that is a minimum of 48” x 36”.
    • Install grab bars on the wall in the tub & shower area and next to the toilet.
    • Install a shower seat and shower light
    • Upgrade bathroom flooring to non-slip material


    • Your garage door may need to be taller to accommodate a raised roof, accessible van.
    • If building a new garage or carport, it should be wider to provide a 5 FT clearance for an accessible van.

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