Home Window Styles | How to Choose the Best Option

February 28, 2016

When the time comes to replace your windows there are several basic home window styles to choose from. Understanding the differences between these options will help you decide which home window styles you should consider for your upgrade. The first consideration is finding windows that match the architectural style of your home. You also need to know the opening sizes for all the windows before you start shopping. In many cases you can combine two or more windows into one larger opening to obtain a specific look.

Home Window Styles to Choose From

Casement Windows: A casement window is hinged on one side and swings out on the opposite side. These are a great choice for additional ventilation. The open window acts like a funnel to direct fresh air into your home. Consider the orientation of the window before installation. Home Window Styles CASEMENT

Awning Windows: An awning window works in a similar fashion to a casement window however the hinge is at the top and the window swings out at the bottom. Smaller Awning windows can be used as a transom window if installed above a series of double hung windows. Home Window Styles AWNING

Sliding Windows: Sliding windows open left to right as opposed to up and down. Some sliding window designs allow both window panels to slide open for ventilation. Other models have a fixed sash, where only one panel can open. In this case you need to consider which orientation works best for each room of your home. Home Window Styles SLIDING

Double Hung Windows: Both the upper and lower sashes of double hung windows can be opened at the same time. Of all the home window styles available these are the most popular today, in particular for high-end homes. New style double hung windows also swing out for easy cleaning and maintenance. Home Window Styles DOUBLE HUNG

Single Hung Windows: A single hung window is similar to a double hung window however the upper sash is fixed. Home Window Styles SINGLE HUNG

Specialty Windows: Looking for something unique? There are literally hundreds of distinctive home window styles on the market today. You can find windows in virtually any size and shape imaginable. With so many choices available you should easily find a window design that will enhance the look of your home. Specialty Window Styles SPECIALTY WINDOWS

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