DIY Hurricane Proof Windows | Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane

September 15, 2018

In the wake of Hurricane Florence, I have hurricane proof windows on my mind. Storms like this form rapidly and approach the coast in just a few days. With winds of 155 MPH, a storm of this magnitude can be terrifying. The thought of broken glass flying through your home is chilling. That image led me on a search to find quick DIY tips for creating hurricane proof windows in a hurry.

Of course, we don’t need to worry too much about hurricanes in the middle of Illinois. Nonetheless, we can experience similar winds and subsequent damage when other violent storms pass through the area. These tips for the Do-It-Yourselfer can help you to simulate hurricane proof windows in your home.

DIY Tips for Constructing Hurricane Proof Windows

Install Hurricane Window Film This is a cheap and easy fix that virtually any Do-It-Yourselfer can do to create hurricane proof windows in a hurry. Simply peel and stick the hurricane window film on all the windows in your home. While the film is no match for flying debris or 155 MPH winds, it can prevent shards of glass from flying through your living room when the window does fail.

Plywood Covers You can’t go wrong with thick plywood. The best choice is 5/8” thick, but ½” thick plywood will suffice in a pinch. While this is obviously a temporary fix to help you ride out the storm, plywood is one of the toughest building materials you will find. When installing the plywood, be sure to overlap the windows and use heavy duty screws to lag the plywood to the structure of the home, not to the window itself. If you live in a storm prone area, identify the sheets with the corresponding window, and then store them in your garage for use during subsequent hurricane seasons.

Install Storm Shutters: Installing Storm Shutters is far more convenient than mounting plywood every time the wind blows. There are two basic choices for storm shutters, roll-up shutters & accordion type shutters. In either case, the shutters can be quickly deployed when the threat of a hurricane looms.

High Impact Glazing In recent years, window manufacturers have developed hurricane proof windows using high impact glazing. The glass in these windows is usually constructed using a combination of two layers of tempered glass with a plastic film sandwiched in between.

High impact glazing is now available in virtually all standard shapes and sizes. So, you won’t need to sacrifice style for safety. While the price of these hurricane proof windows can be more than double that of conventional glass, the added cost will be well worth it during a monster storm.

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