Installation Tips for Garden Shed Windows

November 28, 2015

Unless you are super organized, my guess is your garden shed is a maze of gardening tools, supplies, kids toys, bicycles, and a boxes full of things you may never use again. To make matters worse most storage sheds are dimly lit making it very treacherous when you try to navigate this labyrinth. To make it easier and safer to sift through your shed, consider installing Garden Shed Windows to let in some natural light. Here are a few tips to help you with your project:

Selecting Garden Shed Windows

In most cases, garden sheds are not heated or cooled, therefore there is no need for high-end, energy efficient windows. Purchase low-cost, single-pane, fixed windows. If you occasionally work inside your shed, consider a double hung window or a window with a hinged sash, so that you can let some fresh air pass through your shed. It is still advisable to use safety glass, since you may be working inside near the glass.

Don’t go overboard on the size of the windows. Keep them relatively small so you don’t lose too much storage space on the walls of your shed. Some common sizes are 14” x 21” and 18” x 27”. One window installed in the wall opposite the entrance door, should suffice for a standard 8×8 shed or 10×10 shed. If your garden shed is oversized you may want 2 windows on the 12 foot or 14 foot long side wall. In this case be sure to equally space the windows for proper aesthetics.

Measure Twice Cut Once

Once you have purchased your new garden shed windows, it’s time to frame the rough openings. Make the finished openings approximately ½” wider and taller than the windows to allow for easy installation and some shimming. So if your windows are 18” x 27”, the rough openings should be 18-1/2” x 27-1/2”. While the wall strength isn’t quite as critical as that of your house, you should still follow standard construction practices using a proper header, jack studs, and cripple studs.

garden shed window installation

Finishing Touches

Complete the installation of your new garden shed windows just as you would any other window in your home. It is important to caulk around the windows to eliminate the possibility of water damage to the surrounding structure. Use a “paintable” silicone caulk or acrylic caulking so the paint will adhere properly. Once the caulking is fully cured, prime and paint the window trim to match the windows on your home.

To bring your new garden shed windows to life, add some shutters in a complementary color. Take it one step further and install a flower box beneath each window.
garden shed windows

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