Interior Window Shutters | Installation Tips

March 31, 2016

Installing interior window shutters is a great way to dress up your new windows. Interior window shutters also provide privacy and are an excellent choice for bedroom windows and master bath windows. This is especially true for master baths located on the main floor of your home.

Interior window shutters can also be used to control the amount of sunlight entering the room. Of course this can be accomplished with conventional blinds but they simply don’t offer the elegance and sophistication of shutters. Another advantage of shutters is that you can open one side independent of the other to partially cover the window and regulate the lighting.

Installation Tips for Interior Window Shutters:

You have two options when installing the shutters on interior windows. You can flush mount the shutters on the inside of the window frame, which looks the most professional. A second option is to add strips alongside the window casings for an outside mount. While the outside mount is easier to install and more forgiving dimensionally, stick with the interior mount if you can. It is a much cleaner look.

Measure the Windows:

Carefully measure the inside dimensions of the window frame before you order your shutters. Take a measurement in at least 3 places to confirm consistency. Measure the top, bottom, and middle. Do the same for the vertical dimensions. Be sure to check for square by measuring the window frame diagonally in both directions. If the measurements are the same, you are all set. If they vary by more than ½” the window is out of square and you will need to use an outside mount.

Install the Mounting Strips

Outside mount shutters are always attached to mounting strips. The strips are usually ¾” x ¾” wood that are attached to the wall beside the window frame. The strips can be adjusted to compensate for windows that are not square. Be sure to place a temporary ¼” spacer between the two shutters during installation. This ¼” vertical gap will allow the shutters to swing open without binding.

Flush mount shutters will be screwed directly to the inside of the window frame. Depending on the brand, the kit may include mounting strips or “L-Brackets” for additional stability, or the hinged mount may simply screw directly to the window frame. In either case place a ¼” temporary shim under the shutters during installation. This gap along the bottom of the shutters will ensure that they don’t contact the window sill when swinging into the open position.

When in Doubt Read the Directions

In either case, play close attention to the directions provided by the shutter manufacturer. The details vary slightly by brand and each manufacturer may have specific nuances that you need to follow. In all cases, test fit the shutters and mark the location of the mounts before you start drilling any holes.

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