July 4th Window Decorations

July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day! Get into the spirit of the holiday by putting up some July 4th Window Decorations. Here are a few quick ways to dress up your home for the holiday weekend and show your support for the Red, White, & Blue.

USA Bunting Banners

One of the more traditional July 4th window decorations is a Red, White, & Blue striped Bunting Banner. Hang a bunting banner under every window on the front of your home for an old-fashioned celebration.

White House with Bunting Banners

Hang a Flag Indoors

One of my favorite July 4th window decorations is the American Flag hanging inside a home behind a pair of double hung windows. The small window panes overlaying the flag will give your country home that old-time July 4th feel.

USA Flag In Window

Drape a Flag over Your Front Door

Draping an American Flag over the front entry door is both welcoming and patriotic.

Front Door Flag

Hanging Window Banners

Decorate your front porch with a Red, White, & Blue banner hanging under your front windows.

Window Banner

Fly The American Flag

One quick and easy way to show your support for the country as you celebrate the 4th of July is to fly Stars and Stripes. Mount an angled flag base adjacent to your front door or one of the windows on the front of your home. If you have a front porch, mount the flag to one of the vertical deck support posts so the flag can catch some air, and become the focal point of your home for the holiday.

USA Flag

Do you live in a row house like this typical Boston Neighborhood? No worries, mount the flag to the brick front of your building adjacent to your front door. Hopefully your neighbors will join in and follow suit.

USA Flag

Pet Costumes

Don’t forget about your dog or cat. Dress up your dog in an Uncle Sam costume or simply add a Red, White, & Blue ribbon to your cats’ attire.

Puppy in Uncle Sam Costume

Decorate the Doghouse

Speaking of your pets; don’t forget the doghouse. Let the kids paint Fido’s Doghouse Red, White, & Blue. Add some ribbons and bows, and mount a USA Flag on the roof.


Decorate the Tree Fort

Get the kids involved in the celebration. They can make their own July 4th Window Decorations for the windows of their fort in the backyard or for their bedroom windows.

Kids Decorating

Window Stickers

Here is a simple way to get the younger kids involved in the celebration. A sheet of holiday stickers is one of the easiest July 4th window decorations you can imagine. The stickers are easy for small children to put up and even easier for mom & dad to take down after the holiday.

Window Stickers

Happy 4th from One Source Glass & The Window Repair Guy!