Last Minute Christmas Window Decoration Ideas

December 20, 2015

Just 5 days until Christmas 2015. Have you put up all of your decorations? If not don’t despair, here are some last minute Christmas Window Decoration Ideas.

Window Wreaths

Hanging Christmas Wreaths is one of the easiest and quickest ways to transform your home for Christmas. Hang a wreath from a red ribbon in front of every window on the front of your house. If you live on a corner lot, don’t forget the street view side of your home. If you are afraid of heights or simply don’t own a ladder. Hang the second story wreaths on the interior of your home in front of the windows. When the bedroom lights are on you can see the silhouette of the Christmas Wreaths from the street.

Window Wreaths Inside Upstairs

Window Wreaths Inside Small Shop 500W

Let the Kids Make Some Last Minute Christmas Decorations

Time to break out the red and green construction paper, the childproof scissors and the craft glue. Let the kids cut out Stars, Snowflakes, and Santa’s to stick on the windows.

Stars Santa Angels in the Window

Decorate Your Driveway Gate

Buy the largest Christmas Wreaths you can find and hang them on the gates in front of your driveway. The bigger the better, a standard small wreath would look lost on your large gates.

Christmas Wreath on the Front Gates of Driveway

Decorate the Front Door

You may have guessed by now, that my favorite last minute Christmas Window Decoration Tip is hanging up a few Wreaths. Yep, it’s easy and quick. Hang a Wreath on the front door to welcome your Christmas guests inside. If your window has sidelights, you can hang some Garland vertically to accent the windows. Add some Garland and a Wreath to the inside of your home as well so you can enjoy it yourself. Note this Wreath on the inside of the front door.

Front Door Christmas Wreath

Front Door Christmas Wreath

Window Box Christmas Decorations

With the cooler weather set in, your Window Boxes are likely barren, and will be until spring. Find the largest Christmas Bulbs you can and place one of the GIANT BULBS in your Window Boxes and add some garland as and accent.

Window Box Christmas Decorations

Window Sill Christmas Decorations

Check out this simple and easy decoration for your window sills. Simply place some Christmas Tree Bulbs and Pine Cones along your window sills. You can do this inside or outside of your home. It’s a nice subtle accent for your interior windows, especially in the Kitchen, the Dining Room, and the Guest Bathroom.

Window Sill Christmas Decorations

Window Sill Christmas Decoration

Christmas Bird House

Decorate the Bird House by your kitchen window to let the wildlife enjoy the holidays as well. Add some Garland, Holly, or a Christmas Poinsettia to the roof of the bird house and watch the birds over the holidays.

Christmas Bird House

Merry Christmas from The Window Repair Guy & The One Source Renovation Team