Lubricating Vinyl Windows | Maintenance & Cleaning Tips

October 16, 2016

Regular maintenance including properly lubricating vinyl windows, can keep your windows operating smoothly for years to come. Conversely; if you go for years without lubricating vinyl windows you may find yourself extremely frustrated. This is especially true on the first day of spring when you want to let that fresh springtime air into your home for the first time of the season, only to discover that you are unable to open your jammed windows.

If any of your vinyl windows are stuck or difficult to open, it’s time for a little maintenance on all of the windows throughout your home. Lubrication is required for all types of vinyl windows including casement windows, sliding windows, double hung windows, and tilt in windows. Lubricating Vinyl Windows is a simple task that can easily be accomplished by the average DIY homeowner. If your windows become difficult to open or are completely stuck, follow the steps below to lubricate the track and liner:

Lubricating Vinyl Windows | Easy Step by Step

Remove the Sash: To remove the sash on horizontal windows lift up the window at its base and compress the locking springs while you pull out the sash. Double hung windows can be tilted inward. To expose the track for cleaning you can simply slide casement windows to the open position for easy access of the track.

Clean the Track: Use a dry cloth to wipe the track clean as well as the window frame. You can also use a shop-vac to remove loose dirt and debris.

Remove Mildew: Vinyl windows have a tendency to develop mold and mildew in certain areas, especially in parts of the country which experience high humidity. Mix a cup of vinegar and a teaspoon of dish soap or baby shampoo with a gallon of water. Use a clean cloth to wipe away mold and mildew using your homemade window cleaning solution. Remove any residual solution by wiping the track with water and a clean rag.

Lubricate the Track: Apply a silicone lubricant or white lithium grease to a clean rag. Wipe the track with the rag, including the exposed portion of the jamb liner where the sash would slide when in the open position. This method offers much more control as opposed to spraying the lubricant directly on the track which can be rather messy.

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