Nailup Glass Block Windows | Fast & Easy Installation

August 20, 2017

Installing Nailup Glass Block Windows in lieu of conventional glass block windows can be a fast and easy alternative. The installation process is simplified to the extent that the average DIY homeowner can take on this simple weekend project without hesitation.

Nailup Glass Block Windows offer the same benefits as conventional Glass Block Windows. They are great for allowing natural light into a bathroom while at the same time maintaining your privacy. The durability of glass block windows makes them the perfect choice for basement windows that are vulnerable to damage from kids playing in the backyard.

Nailup Glass Block Windows Installation Steps

STEP 1 – Demolition: Remove the existing window sashes and hardware. Use a crowbar to pry away the old window frame.

STEP 2 – Set the Block Window in Place: Set the new glass block window in place and center it within the rough opening. The nailing fin should overlap the exterior wall sheathing. Apply a generous bead of caulking between the nailing fin and the sheathing to form a complete seal.

STEP 3 – Check for Level: Use small shims to level and plumb the window before screwing the fins in place. Secure the window to the 2×4 structure with 2” long #10 woodscrews and washers.

STEP 4 – Install Flashing: Place the foam flashing corner strips over the nailing fins. Install underlayment paper over top of the fins in a shingled pattern. This video illustrates how to properly flash a flanged window.

You can view the full installation guide on

Features & Benefits of Nailup Glass Block Windows

Real Glass: Most pre-assembled glass block windows are constructed of real, genuine glass. They are available in several architectural patterns to provide privacy such as ice patterns and various wave patterns.

Universal Mounting Kits: You can install Nailup Glass Block Windows in virtually any structure. The universal mounting kits can be utilized in masonry, brick, or wood openings.

Automated Manufacturing: Most window assemblies are factory built using high-tech robotics to apply high-strength adhesives. The result is a more consistent finish compared to field applied caulking or mortar.

Built in Vents: Many manufactures such as Tafco offer Nailup Glass Block Windows with built in vents. The Tafco window vent is real glass not plastic.

Year-Round Installation: Nailup Glass Block Windows can be installed in any temperature, at any time of the year. By utilizing the standard nailing flange and then sealing it with all-weather caulking, you can avoid the need for temperature sensitive mortar during the installation process.

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Do you have additional questions about the installation of Nailup Glass Block Windows? Contact our support team at (815)-634-8922.