New Bathroom Windows for Your Remodeling Project

September 20, 2015

One of the more common home remodeling projects is a complete bathroom makeover. If you own an older home and are upgrading your bathroom, be sure to include new bathroom windows in your plans. Older windows that are worn out can adversely affect the look of your bathroom and may even comprise the safety and security of your home.

Over time, your existing windows may have lost some of their insulating properties and they may no longer provide the proper insulating value to shield you from extreme heat and cold temperatures. You can easily correct this problem simply by installing new bathroom windows that will offer superior performance.

In older homes, your windows may be wood construction which looks great when new, but they can deteriorate overtime with exposure to the moisture in your bathroom. Many new, energy efficient windows are manufactured with vinyl, steel, or aluminum construction. These materials are less susceptible to the effects of the high humidity in your bathroom. They are also very durable, more efficient, and easier to maintain.

Considerations for New Bathroom Windows

Architectural Styles: Choose a style that matches the architectural style of your home. To improve the look of your bathroom you can upgrade to a bay window or casement bow window assembly. Both of these options will make the bathroom feel larger and expand the viewing area.

Glass Type: For privacy you may want to consider an opaque or frosted glass. Conversely, a clear glass will allow up to 30% more natural light to enter and illuminate your bathroom.

Frame Material: Wood frames are aesthetically pleasing, however they require ongoing maintenance and will need to be re-painted on a regular basis. Vinyl frames are generally less expensive and less susceptible to damage from moisture, excessive heat, and freezing temperatures. Fiberglass frame are also very durable. Both Vinyl and Fiberglass frames require very little maintenance and eliminate the need for ongoing painting.

Efficiency: Both the frame construction and the glass itself can affect the thermal rating of the windows. Selecting Low-E windows can help to reduce your monthly energy bill. To learn more about window efficiency check out these two articles “NFRC Window Energy Ratings Explained” & “What are Low-E Windows and do I Need Them?”

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