One Way Privacy Glass

January 23, 2016

There are many uses for One Way Privacy Glass well beyond a typical office building. More and more you will find privacy glass is used in various home installations. The purpose and benefits of this special glass are far more than just privacy. Let’s take a look at some of the applications and benefits.


It goes without saying that privacy is the most likely reason that consumers install one way privacy glass. The more common applications are:

Residential Bathrooms: Residential homes with a bathroom on the main floor will often opt for one way glass to allow light inside, while maintaining their privacy. A word of caution here; when you turn the lights on at night your privacy disappears, so close the blinds.

Home Office: Working at home to avoid a busy commute is far more common in society today. A little privacy from the neighbors is welcomed in your home office or study.

Office Buildings: Business owners often prefer to keep the inner workings of their operations private and try to protect proprietary information. In these instances, they may install privacy glass on the entire exterior of their office building.

Interior Office Space: One Way Privacy Glass is often used for interior walls in a commercial office environment, such as conference rooms, executive offices, and the Human Resources Department. This can keep sensitive information private, such as whiteboard notes, and PowerPoint presentations.

Healthcare Facility Windows: There are several areas in the healthcare industry where you can utilize One Way Privacy Glass. The glass can be installed at nursing stations to provide privacy for medical records. It can provide additional privacy for patient rooms without creating seclusion.


Architects will often specify One Way Privacy Glass for the exterior of commercial office buildings with the primary objective of aesthetics when the goal is a mirrored appearance.

Energy Efficiency:

While glass may be considered one way when it comes to light, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is more energy efficient. The transmission of light and heat are two separate functions. That said, most one-way glass produced today is in fact, also more energy efficient than conventional glass of old. Be sure to check out the NFRC rating of the one-way glass before making your purchase.

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