Palladian Windows | Arched Windows with Square Sidelights

May 28, 2018

By now you are probably wondering what Palladian Windows are? In simple terms, Palladian Windows are comprised of three window panels with an arched window above the center section. The two sidelight windows are squared off at the top. The side windows are generally narrower than the center panel. Some may simply call this an arched tri-light window, but in architectural design it is known as a Palladian style window.

The History of Palladian Windows

The Palladian motif was popularized by Italian architect Andrea Palladio, hence the name. The three-part design was incorporated into Palladio’s Basilica at Vicenza. Palladian Windows were prevalent in 17th and 18th century English architecture as well. In some circles, the 3-panel design is known as Serlian Windows, named after Architect Seabstiano Serlio for his use of this design in his early 1500’s work.

Palladian Windows

Modern Use of Palladian Windows

Whether or not you are familiar with the name, Palladian Windows are often incorporated into modern architectural designs. Many 2 story homes feature a Palladian Window above the front entry door, as seen in the images below. The width of the 2 sidelights can be adjusted to match the overall width of the doorway below.

Palladian Windows

On of the main benefits of this style window is the overall width. The broad opening allows natural light to illuminate the foyer below. Since the window is located on the second story, you can get by with little or no window treatments. This further facilitates the entry of natural sunlight. You may also notice that these are fixed windows that do not open. This is common place for most Palladian Style Windows.

Interior Detailing

Palladian Windows are more likely found in upscale homes or large estates. That’s not to say you can’t install one in a lower end home. Just be conscious of the overall architectural design. Too much window in a smaller home can be overpowering and look a little out of place. Rarely would you ever see a Palladian Window in a Ranch home. In this case a large picture window would be more appropriate.

Palladian Windows

In this luxury home, you will notice the elaborate detailing on the interior of the home. This intricate woodwork will further enhance the look of Palladian Windows, making them the focal point of the home. Note the heavy crown type molding above the sidelights as well as the window muntins featured in both the sidelights and the arched window above.

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