Placement of Window Muntins

June 21, 2015

Windows are more than just a way to let in some extra light; they serve as an excellent design feature. Since a line is such an impactful element, even just moving a few lines can alter the whole design. Window muntins are small strips that divide the window into smaller panes. Mullions are heavy members that run vertically between two windows or between a window and a door. When used together, they can create intricate architectural features. Here are some tips on how to use window muntins to accentuate the style of your home.


When you hear the word window you probably picture a checkered style layout of muntins, but curved designs provide a unique detail in traditional style homes. Window muntins may be curved and overlapping at the top to create an arch pattern. Think of the elegant arches of cathedral windows. Some windows may only have one muntin about a quarter of the way down with curved designs or loops in the top section. With either design, traditional homes usually have muntins on the inside as well as the outside. The glass is sandwiched in between each muntin and the gorgeous wood pattern brings warmth and character inside.


Contemporary designs are all about sleek, clean lines and open floor plans, so muntins are typically used in simple geometric patterns. To keep the design minimal, a single muntin may be used to divide the window into two panes. For a completely open feel, window muntins may not be used at all. Windows may even be combined together to create a single wall of seamless glass.


Muntins may be placed diagonally to create a cross-hatched design. This is a popular feature in Victorian style homes and it may even be used inside as decoration. When used as a decorative feature on cabinets or doors, the muntins are simply secured on top of the glass doors since they do not provide any structural support to the glass.

Other Uses

Though window muntins can provide elegant details and style to your home, it may be best to not use them at all in some cases. If your home has a large picture window, you don’t want to obstruct that gorgeous view. Similarly, if your windows are already divided into several panes, you don’t want to over crowd the window by piling on more muntins.

Different placement of muntins may create a unique style, but don’t be afraid to combine curved and linear designs in your home. If you have one window above another, add a curved design to the top window to frame and accentuate the lower one. Perhaps you can add a curved window on top of a picture window to broaden the view and let in more light. All it takes is some simple rearranging of muntins and your home can have a whole new style.

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