Pop Out Windows | New Window Concept Enhanced View of the Sky

January 14, 2018

I came across this interesting concept for pop out windows and thought it would be fun to share. Architect Aldana Ferrer Garcia has developed a new style window which lets you enjoy a striking view of the sky without stepping outdoors. Garcia’s Pop Out Windows may revolutionize the way we think about windows in the future. The unique design offers countless new ways to incorporate windows into the architectural designs of new homes and offers new concepts for remodeling city apartments and upgrading older homes.

Pop Out Window Video | MoreSky by Alanda Ferrera Garcia

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BsDKGCOB7g?rel=0&w=560&h=315]

Perfect Window for Apartments

Apartment dwellers often feel somewhat confined when living a high-rise building. With apartment buildings and condos stacked side-by side in the city, it can be difficult to enjoy a good view of the sky. You may hear a plane soaring above, but you may not see it fly by your apartment through the tiny windows you currently have. The MoreSky Pop Out Windows are the perfect solution to enhance your outdoor view of the street below or the sky above.

Available Styles of Pop Out Windows

The MoreSky windows were developed in three basic window styles, a hopper niche window, an awning niche window, and a casement niche window. The Casement Window Niche, rotates outward and transforms into a seating area so you can enjoy panoramic views of the neighborhood. The awning window design provides an unobstructed view of the street or alley below. While the hopper window offers expansive views of the sky over head.

Pop Out Windows 3 styles

About Alanda Ferrera Garcia

I would be remiss if I didn’t share a little information about Alanda. While working on her Masters of Industrial Design at Pratt Institute, she developed this series of Pop Out Windows for her thesis project. While adhering to the stringent building codes and regulations of Brooklyn, Alanda created a unique design called “More Sky” to bring more of the outdoors inside your home. By offering an enhanced view of the sky, the name seems to be very appropriate. It’s also no surprise that she received her Master’s degree from Pratt Institute in May of 2015.

While Alanda’s MoreSky Pop Out Windows have not reached the marketplace as of yet; keep an eye out, as I expect them to be available in the very near future. Just imaged the possibilities!

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