Properly Installed Windows | What to Look for to Determine if the Job Was Done Right

March 3, 2018

Properly installed windows can affect both the longevity and functionality of your new windows. You thought you hired a reputable window contractor. The job is complete, everything looks good, they cashed the check, but something seems like it’s just not quite right. Your windows appear to be a little drafty. Maybe you notice preliminary signs of mold starting to grow on the window sill. Now your wondering if you have properly installed windows?

Telltale Signs You Don’t Have Properly Installed Windows

Your contractor seemed to know what he what he was doing, but if you discover any of these deficiencies, maybe it was their first Rodeo.

Visible Gaps: You shouldn’t see any visible gaps between the window frame and the window sill on properly installed windows. Likewise, there should be no visible gap between the window frame and the wall. Large gaps are usually the result of the contractor taking inaccurate measurements at the onset of the project. Smaller gaps between the frame and the wall can be corrected by applying a hi-grade caulking. Larger gaps may require a rework of the windows themselves.

Water Leaks: If you see any signs of water intrusion, something was installed wrong or improperly caulked. You may not notice this deficiency immediately. Keep on the lookout for peeling paint, mold, and soft or swelling wood trim. To avoid a serious mold problem the issue must be addressed quickly.

Cold Drafts: You may notice a cool draft when you walk by your new windows, or maybe you simply see an increase in your monthly power bill. In either case, you more than likely have a leak. You need to contact your window installer right away to address the situation.

Window Sash is Difficult to Open: With properly installed windows it should take little effort to raise and lower the window sash. Your windows should operate smooth from the get go. If the sash is sticky and difficult to open, there may be a serious sizing issue or incorrect installation of the window by your contractor. Substantial rework may be required.

Condensation: If you notice condensation between the layers of glass, chances are your windows were damaged during the installation process. This should be covered under warranty, so call your contractor right away. This problem won’t fix itself and will only get worse over time.

No Warranty: Say it isn’t so! If your window contractor isn’t providing a warranty run as fast as you can. Properly installed windows will be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Reputable contractors will go to great lengths to follow the manufacturers recommended practices when installing your new windows. This will ensure your investment will be fully covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

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