Questions You Should Ask Your Window Contractor

January 10, 2016

Hiring a Window Contractor can be a daunting task. After all, you are about to make a significant investment in your home with your new windows and you want to make sure you can find a trustworthy, and reliable contractor to perform the work. The process of finding a contractor you can trust can be an emotional experience to say the least. To make an educated decision on which window contractor is best for your project; take the time to meet with a few contractors in your area, and get to know them. We have compiled a list of questions you should ask them so you can feel confident in your decision.

Window Contractor Questions

Can you provide references?

A reputable window contractor will have a long list of references and satisfied customers. If a contractor is unable or unwilling to provide references, run! For those that do provide references, take the additional time to call a few random clients. You should ask the previous customers if the work was completed on-time, on budget, as well as the quality of the workmanship.

Who are your suppliers?

In addition to calling the contractors clients, you should touch base with their suppliers. Find out if they are paying their bills on-time. A window contractor with cash-flow problems may have trouble completing your project.

Can I see samples of your work?

A quality window contractor will be proud to show off his previous work. Take the time to visit previous sites, or work in progress to see the quality of their work first hand.

How many other projects will you be working on?

If your renovation is time sensitive, you need to make sure the contractor has the resources to handle your project.

Who will be performing the work?

The last thing you want to hear is that the contractor you hire is sub-contracting the work to another contractor without your knowledge.

Can you provide a cost breakdown?

A detailed cost estimate can do 2 things, first it is comforting to know that the contractor has put some thought into the estimate as opposed to taking a wild guess at the cost. Secondly, an accurate costing can help you determine the appropriate payment schedule.

What is the payment schedule

It is very common for a contractor to ask for a small down-payment up-front and progress payments along the way based upon satisfactory completion of various stages of the work. If they ask for a large sum upfront, this is usually a red flag. At any rate, you need to agree on the payment terms in advance.

What is the schedule

You need to establish the hours of work prior to starting the project. You don’t want a surprise at your front door at 5 AM. Nor will your neighbors be happy if construction noise carries on late into the evening. Institute a schedule that suits your needs as well as that of the contractor.

Window Contractor


If the window contractor can answer all of these questions to your satisfaction, you are all set. If they try to dodge the questions or provide vague answers, keep searching.

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