Recycled Windows Used to Build Greenhouse

July 4, 2016

With all of the window replacement projects we have completed over the years, I often wondered what we could do with the old windows that we have removed from the homes. It seems like such a shame to take the old windows to the landfill or even to a recycling center. Then I came across this interesting news article about how to use recycled windows to build a greenhouse. What a great idea!!!

Recycled Windows from Yard Sales

Barb Rosen and her husband Len started their collection of 3 recycled windows that they purchased for $5 each at a yard sale. They continued collecting windows from friends and family until they amassed 40 in total. As they assembled the jigsaw puzzle they used 28 of the recycled windows for their project and passed the other 12 windows on to other users. The photo above shows their beautiful work after completion. You can read Barbs entire article on her blog

The project is relatively simple and somewhat inexpensive with the use of recycled windows. They constructed a simple 8-foot x 10-foot deck on the back of their home to use as a base. This lean-to concept would simplify the project by requiring only 3 sides. This would also improve the efficiency of the heating and cooling, since they would use this as an extension of their home.

If you’re lucky enough to have some recycled 2×4’s kicking around you can save a few more bucks. Otherwise, it’s off to your local lumber yard to pick up some framing material. Based on the various sizes of your recycled windows you need to build a simple framework to support the windows. Finish things off with a tile floor, polyethylene roof panels, and a coat of paint, and voila your conservatory built with recycled windows is complete.

Build Your Own Greenhouse

You can use this concept to build a greenhouse, a sunroom, or a conservatory. The conservatory can be attached to your house an extension of your living space. If you prefer to build a greenhouse to extend the growing season of your vegetable garden, you could build a freestanding structure away from your home.

Here is another idea for a freestanding greenhouse that can be constructed in your yard.

recycled windows freestanding greenhouse

Extend your growing season and have fresh tomatoes year round

tomatoes grown in greenhouse made from recycled windows

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