Severe Weather Window Shutters

April 19, 2015

Whether you live in a coastal area or in the Midwest along Tornado Alley; high winds can be a real concern. In both cases you may want to consider installing severe weather window shutters to protect your home from Mother Nature’s wicked wrath. With advanced warning you and your family may have time to evacuate to a safe haven; however your exposed windows will be subjected to flying debris.

For the most part, the shutters installed on homes today are non-functional and added for their aesthetic value only. But if you live in a high-risk area, you should consider severe weather window shutters to protect your home.

Not only will the shutters prevent the windows themselves from damage, but by keeping the windows in tack the interior of your home will stay dry. The prevention of water damage inside the home will easily offset the initial investment of Severe Weather Window Shutters. The standardized test for large, airborne missiles utilizes a 9 pound piece of 2×4 lumber which strikes the shutters at a speed of 34 MPH.

Ratings for Severe Weather Window Shutters

Not all shutters offer adequate protection against extreme weather. Even though shutters may be labeled as “hurricane tested” this doesn’t mean that they have passed the large missile impact tests. When shopping for Severe Weather Window Shutters be sure to select a product that has the proper approval for impact resistance.

Window Myths

  • Myth 1- Taping Glass Will Prevent Damage: FACT: Taping glass will do virtually nothing as far as protecting your home from flying debris in a severe storm. The tape simply does not address the main point of home protection which is to keep the window frame and glass intact, to keep the glass in its frame, and securely attached to the structure of the home.
  • Window Myth 2 – Opening a Window Will Balance the Air Pressure and Protect my Home in a Storm: FACT: The high wind entering your home through an open window or door can cause structural damage and in severe cases weaken and destroy the structure. In addition, an open window offers no protection and will allow wind and water to enter your home and cause severe damage to the interior of your home. Watch the video below to see the result:

IBHS Research Center: Wind Test Highlights 2010 from Vimeo

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