Shutter Styles to Accent Your New Windows

May 2, 2015

Now that you have installed new, energy efficient, windows in your home, it’s time to think about adding shutters to accent your new windows. While most shutter styles in use today are installed for aesthetic value only, fully functional shutters are still available but less common. When the appropriate, working shutters are selected, and are installed properly, they can help to protect your new window investment. This is particularly true if you live in high risk areas such a coastal cities or the Midwest where the threat of tornados is common.

Shutter Styles:

Accordion Shutters: Installing Accordion Shutters is less about style, and more about protection. These are often found in storm prone areas and on second homes and cottages for extra protection when you are away.

Accordion Shutters

Awning Shutters: Great for shade, and when closed they offer the same protection as Accordion Shutters.

Awning Shutters

Bermuda Shutters: Hinged at the top to provide shade with an unobstructed view in the lower portion of the window. As the name implies, Bermuda Shutters are a common site in Bermuda and other tropical islands. They are also very popular in coastal regions of the USA and on beach houses.

Bermuda Shutters

Board & Batten Shutters: Vertical planks tied together with a horizontal batten strip. These rustic shutters are very popular on old country homes and farm houses.

Board and Batten Shutters

Louvered Shutters: A classic shutter with horizontal slats. In most cases the slats are fixed but some high-end designs have moveable slats.

Louvered Panel Shutters

Raised Panel Shutters: Solid shutters with a raised contoured center and perimeter frame.

Raised Panel Shutters

Rollup Shutters: These are also great for vacation properties to protect your windows when you are away.

Roll Up Shutters

What Shutter Styles are best Suited for Various Home Designs?

Not every shutter will look good on every home style. Here is a useful guide to help you determine what shutter styles are best suited for your home design:

  • Victorian Homes: Traditional Louvered Shutters or Flat Shutters
  • Georgian Homes: Louvered Shutters or Raised / Recessed Panel Shutters
  • Mediterranean / Spanish: Board & Batten or Louver Shutters
  • Colonial: Panel on the first floor, Louvered on the second floor
  • Cape Cod: Board and Batten Shutters
  • Ranch Homes: Board and Batten or any shutter styles you like
  • French Country: Board & Batten or Flat Panel Shutters
  • Greek Revival Homes: Louvered or Flat Panel Shutters

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